76. A Generation Of Forerunners

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott –

As we saw last time, God will have His way: His will is going to be done, and our choice is whether we want to be part of it or not. All the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.

The Moses generation

Moses’ generation came to the borders of the land… and chose not to go in. As a result, God told them, “your corpses will fall in this wilderness, even all your numbered men, according to your complete number from twenty years old and upward, who have grumbled against Me. Surely you shall not come into the land in which I swore to settle you, except Caleb… and Joshua” (Num 14:29-30).

Those aged 20 years and up were responsible. There were a whole lot of people under the age of 20 who wandered round in the wilderness with their elders; but when their time came to make a choice, they chose to embrace their destiny. God is calling that people forth today. Caleb and Joshua were of the older generation; but how they lived, how they believed, how they acted, what they did – that was what set them apart from their contemporaries and inspired the younger generation. They are a key to understanding what it takes to inherit, what it takes to become a Joshua generation.

A billion labourers

The Moses generation failed to receive their inheritance, and died in the wilderness. The Joshua generation, I believe, are going to equip a harvest of a billion labourers in the supernatural. I say ‘in the supernatural’ because we cannot succeed by natural means in all that lies in store for us; it is going to have to be achieved by supernatural means, and by a people equipped to operate in the fullness of God’s kingdom power.

That is why we have to take back ground that has been given to the enemy. Occult and New Age people are operating in spiritual power and doing things most of the church would not begin to know how to do, but they are occupying ground in the counterfeit that we should be ruling in the authentic if only we were operating in the true power of God.

We need to stand up and be counted. We need to take back that territory, in the face of intense opposition (and most of that opposition will come from within the church). If we are to see this next generation raised up, we need to begin to operate in the realm of the supernatural beyond what any of us have experienced so far. We have to make ourselves ready for a whole new revelation of the supernatural, and when we are ready God will lead us into it.

We need to equip a generation who will see Jesus return. To see a final harvest in which everybody who is going to be saved will be saved. The Joshua generation will be forerunners who have spied out the land. Many of us have already been forerunners. We have experienced a foretaste of some of the things which are going to take place. We have glimpsed it. In our spirit and in our heart we know there is more. We have been hungry for more, some of us have been that way all our lives. And there are more forerunner experiences still to come. It will be like spying out the land. We will not yet have received the complete fulfilment of all that God intends, but we will have glimpses of it, get a taste for it, begin to realise what it is going to be like.

Crossing the Jordan

The Church is crossing the Jordan, and it has been happening for a while. I look back into the eighties and I can see the beginnings of it. I remember some of the things that were prophesied then (and people didn’t really know what they were prophesying): about Joel’s army; a whole different breed; a nameless, faceless army of God’s people who were going to be raised up; no superstars, just ordinary people, operating in the supernatural power of God. They were prophesying some of the very things we are now beginning to see take place.

This generation has been entering in over that whole period of time, but we have not progressed far beyond the other side of the Jordan. The church is still at that place called Gilgal. For Israel that was where the reproach of the past was removed, where they were all circumcised again, where they took the Passover again: the things which were necessary for them to do as preparation to going in to fight the giants and take the whole land. I believe that this is where the church is in these days, days of preparation.

We have experienced the Wine, Fire and Wind of God, but there is more coming. We have to be able to lead and equip the Jesus generation to possess – the Hebrew word means ‘to inherit by seizing, dispossessing, and become heirs of’ – the land of promise. This is about the violent taking the kingdom by force. The Joshua generation is a warrior generation who will fight on behalf of others and bring them into the land. They will bring God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven: fulfilling Adam’s mandate in both realms. They will rule in the spirit realm and influence in the natural realm, to see God’s glory fill the earth (Num 14:21).

The Joshua generation will experience the land for themselves, but will also equip others to be able to live in the Promised Land and to fully possess it. It will mean living in a completely different dimension in terms of the supernatural.

We are all called to enter: some of us are called to go before, and to equip, but all of us are called to enter. Or you can choose to be like those who turned down God’s invitation and died in the wilderness. Everyone has that choice, but God is inviting people to enter in. Even in Joshua’s day, there were people who crossed the Jordan, were part of fighting the battles, and yet they chose to go back and live on the other side. Two and a half tribes, or nearly a quarter of them.

There are some ministries who have been forerunner ministries, who have been in the forefront of what God is doing, but who will choose to go back, and as a result will miss out on the fullness of their inheritance. I do not want to be one of those. I want to be part of a generation who enter in, possess, and enjoy the land; and who equip others to come in and do the same.

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Freedom Apostolic Resource Centre, Barnstaple, UK.

20 thoughts on “76. A Generation Of Forerunners”


    Gilgal was the first encampment on the promise land side f the Jordan. It is interesting that archaeological site have shown the stones that Joshua commanded to be placed in remembrance were placed in a circle… aka symbolic of circumcision possibly?

    It was also the place that Samuel slew King Agag when Saul refused to follow the word of God. (more on that later)

    The primary meaning of the name Agag is ” I will over top” [H89] and is found eight times in scripture. Eight being symbolic of a new beginning/ a new day.

    The root meaning of Agag is “Agee: I shall increase” and is found once in scripture. 2Sam 23:11 in reference to one of Davids mighty men defending a patch of lentils.

    LENTIL STEW is what Esau sold his BIRTHRIGHT for.

    I find it CAPTIVATING that Gilgal is linked to RECLAIMING OUR BIRTHRIGHT that was sold for a pot of lentils!!!!!



    Agag was the king of the Amalekites. The Amalekites attacked the Israelite’s from the rear…preying on the weakest and most vulnerable. By refusing to slay Agag Saul came into alignment with Agag’s line of thinking… that it was ok to plunder/misuse the weakest in society.

    Saul thought it was permissible to let some abuse slide (Agag was allowed to live. Agag represents the abuse/plunder of the weak…in even the smallest ways. Agag was only one person out of an entire army that tormented the flanks/weakest of Israel) Saul let this abuse slide so that he might look good at the altar with a huge sacrifice to God (saving the best sheep and oxen)

    God has a promise in Ezekiel 34 what would happen if/when we pushed around/made things difficult for the weak and struggling members. This is why he was replaced with David…a man after Gods own heart…a man who did not dispise or misuse the weakest in society but instead TRAINED THEM UP to become mighty men of valour!! (back to the lentis and Agag lol!)

    These are just my thoughts and notes to myself as I begin studying this. Anyone else see more to the story of Gigal? I love diving deep!

  2. For Joshua when addressing the congregation said “Either you believe The God who brought you out of Egypt or to the beliefs on the other side of Jordan which today denotes the many alters figured within the Israeli Freemasonic supreme court. Alas by all that kabbala & talmudism come as a result of rejecting the Messiah in the appropriate time. “For they received not the love of the truth & for this reason God send them a strong Delusion that they may believe THE LIE” of that Golden Calf -“O Israel these are thy gods that brought thee out of Egypt”.
    Moreover Joshua in the Spirit prophesied unto the Congregation “You cannot serve God for He is a Holy one” was Prophesying the coming of Christ the Messiah for only by Him can one serve God. True to his words Israel fell away by transgressing the covenant & is the truth until this day. Freemasonry by its initiations governed by Sorcery in the beliefs of Ancient “Egypt” to its works is the manifestation(the “Masonic temple” arisen from the corruption of the Messanic temple) of that Enmity against the Woman put by God between the serpent & the Woman & by their seeds at Eden.

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