Vision Destiny 2016

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Seven messages by Mike Parsons delivered at Freedom Church in January and February 2016. A review of 2015 and what to expect in 2016.

Digital download (mp3 and PDF) with links to streaming YouTube videos.

Click here to stream or download – absolutely free!

More recent free Vision Destiny series are also available from our website.

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Are you part of the Joshua Generation?

We developed this just for you:

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Engaging God on the Heavenly Pathways of Relationship and Responsibility
Equipping a Joshua Generation of supernatural sons of God to live according to the order of Melchizedek

To find out more and get started today*, click here…

‘Engaging God’ is an interactive modular programme developed by Mike Parsons.

Through using it you will learn how to access God through Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life, in the realms of heaven and within your own spirit and heart; and how to take up your responsibility as a mature son [daughter] in God’s kingdom.

Many people have had involuntary or ecstatic encounters or experiences where they have engaged God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and the realms of heaven in visions. Whether you have had such experiences yourself or not, through this programme you will learn to develop the ability to engage and re-engage those encounters at will, and to mature in outworking the revelation you receive from God on a daily basis.

Choose monthlyquarterly or annual options for your automatic recurring subscription payments via credit or debit card, and try Engaging God free for 2 weeks – no payment will be made until after 14 days, during which you can easily cancel if you wish.

*Technology permitting: automated process on completion of online registration form and payment plan setup. Terms and conditions apply.

Author: Freedom ARC

Freedom Apostolic Resource Centre, Barnstaple, UK.

5 thoughts on “Vision Destiny 2016”

    1. Hi Juanita.

      It looks like our website was down for a very short time on Saturday morning UK time (maybe just a few minutes), Unfortunately that was the time you were trying the link.

      We have tested it and it is working now.

      Please let me know if you are still experiencing a problem.



  1. Hi Mike, Seems to be a glitch with downloading these resources as it says you have exhausted your supply and to try back later. I am really looking forward to receiving them when they are again ready. much appreciation, Sandra Ionita BC, Canada

    On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 12:08 PM, Sons Of Issachar wrote:

    > Freedom ARC posted: ” Free! Seven messages by Mike Parsons delivered at > Freedom Church in January and February 2016. A review of 2015 and what to > expect in 2016. Digital download (mp3 and PDF) with links to streaming > YouTube videos. Click here to download – a” >

    1. Hi Sandra,

      It is just a glitch – there is no limit to the number of downloads available.
      Unfortunately your comment also got sent to our spam folder for some reason, so I have only just seen it.
      Please try downloading agian, and if you still expereince a problem, contact me by email at

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