The Eschatology of the Restoration of All Things

Mike’s new book is coming out soon!

The Eschatology of the Restoration of All Things will be published on Thursday 1st September 2022.

From the back cover:

Eschatology is often thought of as describing the ‘end of the world’ or ‘end times’. Yet many have begun to conclude that the restoration of all things is an inevitable consequence of who God really is as Love, encouraging them to look to the future with optimistic anticipation and expectation. Isaiah prophesied no end to the increase of God’s government and peace, so why are believers still looking for an end? Mike Parsons examines the reasons for this confusion, exposing the ‘Great Deception’ that lies behind it, and proposing instead a ‘happy eschatology’ in which all of God’s children can recognise and fulfil their eternal destiny.

Where can I get it?

It will be available in paperback from your favourite local or online bookseller, and as an ebook from our website.

If you search for it on booksellers’ websites, it tells them that there is a demand for the book. This may encourage them to stock it (and maybe even discount it).

You can pre-order it from The Book Depository, Barnes & Noble (USA), Waterstones (UK) and some local Amazon sites. We see that one of these is already offering a discount (with free delivery worldwide).

The list price is £24.95 in the UK and $32.95 in the USA. This reflects the size of the book (800+ pages). Do shop around (and check shipping costs)!
The ebook will cost £10 (around $12 USD).

Is it on Kindle?

An ebook file will be available from our website. You will be able to import it into your Kindle library and read it on your Kindle device or app, but it will not be sold in the Kindle store.
We will include full instructions for importing the file to Kindle and other e-reader devices and apps when you purchase the ebook.

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