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Why ‘Sons of Issachar’?

        1. About
        2. Fast: Connecting to the Realm of Heaven
        3. Choices: Constantly Connected?
        4. The Power Source That Runs The Universe
        5. Faster Than The Speed of Light
        6. The Pressure of God’s Presence
        7. Waterfalls, the Sound of God
        8. The Sword Comes to Divide
        9. Broken Seals, Open Warfare
        10. Nephilim: The Enemy Pollutes the Seed
        11. Authority, Power and Glory
        12. God in the Garden
        13. Battle for Your Attention
        14. Doing Greater Things Than Jesus
        15. Revelation of God’s Prophetic Timetable
        16. Prophetic Timetable Overview (part 1)
        17. Prophetic Timetable Overview (part 2)
        18. Experiencing Intimate Knowledge of God
        19. Stepping Up
        20. Meditating on Psalm 23
        21. Conflict for Souls
        22. He Disciplines Those He Loves
        23. Repent Or Else!
        24. For Such A Time As This
        25. Who Can Live With Consuming Fire?
        26. The Spirit and the Word in Unity
        27. Surrender, Crucifixion and Sacrifice
        28. Present a Living Sacrifice (1)
        29. Surrender Your Whole Life
        30. Centre of the World Stage
        31. Authentic Supernatural Power and Authority
        32. Nations Will Stream To It
        33. The Day Of His Power
        34. Enlarge The Place Of Your Tent
        35. The Wealth of the Nations
        36. Blessing the Whole Earth
        37. Redeemed from the Curse
        38. Breaking Off the Poverty Mentality
        39. Demonic Doctrines in the Church
        40. Challenging the Sacred Cows
        41. The Kingdom of God is Filling the Earth
        42. A Dwelling Of God
        43. New wine, new wineskin
        44. The Supernatural Kingdom of God
        45. Please Do Not Stone Me…
        46. Revelation and Interpretation
        47. Just One Answer?
        48. A Thousand-fold Increase?
        49. Jesus, the Centre of all History
        50. And Then The End Will Come
        51. Leaven In The Lump
        52. Wheat and Tares
        53. Breaking off the Greek Mindset
        54. Salvation and Judgment
        55. God’s Covenant Purpose
        56. Covenant Blessings, Covenant Judgments.
        57. This Generation Will Not Pass Away
        58. Preached To All The Nations
        59. The Great Tribulation: History or still to come?
        60. The Abomination of Desolation
        61. The Sun Will Be Darkened
        62. Now You Are The People Of God
        63. Grafted Back In
          Aside: Misunderstanding Thessalonians
        64. The End Of The Age
        65. Left Behind?
        66. Scroll Of Destiny
        67. Why Complicate It?
        68. As He Is, So Are We
        69. Millennium? What Millennium?
        70. Millennium? What Millennium? (Part 2)
        71. Defeat? Or Victory?
        72. Bound For A Thousand Years
        73. A literal 1000 years?
        74. God’s Kingdom Fills the Earth
        75. Lessons From The Moses Generation
        76. A Generation Of Forerunners
        77. Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#1-5)
        78. Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#6-10)
        79. Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#11-15)
        80. Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#16-20)
        81. Come Up Here – Bringing Heaven To Earth
        82. Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#21-25)
        83. Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#26-30)
        84. Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#31-35)
        85. Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#36-40)
        86. Kingdom Realms
        87. The Heavens and the Earth
        88. The Fall of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer
        89. Seed Wars
        90. A Doorway to Experience
        91. The Way, The Truth, and The Life
        92. Step into the Realm of Heaven
        93. What Is A Mountain?
        94. The Enemy is Disarmed and Vulnerable
        95. Manifestation of the Sons of God
        96. Surrender and Rule
        97. Image-Bearers of the Heavenly
        98. Seven Mountains, Seven Thrones
        99. Everlasting Doors
        100. The Door of Heaven Stands Open
        101. Filthy Garments and Festal Robes
        102. Investiture, Succession, Enthronement, Coronation.
        103. Familiar Spirits: Throne-takers and Destiny-destroyers
        104. Questions of Destiny
        105. Scroll of Destiny (revisited)
        106. Engaging the Timeline
        107. Agreement, Resonance and Harmony
        108. Destiny and the Age To Come
        109. Developing our Spiritual Senses
        110. The Heart, the Blood and the Brain
        111. Spirit Being, Living Being, Human Being
        112. Transformation Through Communion
        113. Two Resonating Testimonies
        114. Twelve Strands, Twelve Stones
        115. A Channel of God
        116. Caterpillars, Butterflies and Superheroes
        117. The Proof Of Desire
        118. Intimacy With The Father
        119. One Spirit With Him
        120. God on the Inside
        121. River Of Living Water
        122. The Power Of Testimony
        123. Cultivate A Garden Relationship
        124. Transforming The Atmosphere
        125. Preparing For Destiny
        126. A Shadow of Heaven
        127. Relationship and Responsibility
        128. Building A Strong Spirit
        129. Flesh vs Spirit
        130. The Seat of Government
        131. Thoughts and Intentions of the Heart
        132. Broken Cisterns Hold No Water
        133. From The Inside Out
        134. Gateways of the Spirit
        135. Aligning Gates
        136. Gateways of the Soul
        137. Our Need For God
        138. Own it, Repent of it, Renounce it
        139. Declarations For Transformation
        140. Pray Without Ceasing
        141. The Flesh Profits Nothing
        142. Present A Living Sacrifice (2)
        143. Beholding And Becoming
        144. Stepping Stones To Change
        145. Encountering Trials
        146. Consider It All Joy
        147. Present A Living Sacrifice (3) – practice
        148. Be still and know
        149. Seat of Rest
        150. Eye Of The Storm
        151. Abdicate and Serve
        152. Resources and Responsibilities
        153. I Have Called You Friends
        154. Grow Your Own
        155. A Plumbline, a Doorway and an Anchor
        156. Store, or shred?
        157. Manifesting His Presence
        158. A Flow of Spontaneous Revelation
        159. Your Word, Treasured in my Heart
        160. Our Defining Moment
        161. Familiar, But Dangerous
        162. Spheres of Influence
        163. Gateways Open, Flowing Freely
        164. The Image Of Jesus
        165. Mercy: God’s Covenant Love
        166. Tadpoles and Caterpillars
        167. Pursue and Embrace
        168. The Fire of Transformation
        169. Beholding As In A Mirror
        170. Seeds, Roots and Fruit
        171. Information For Elevation – Trading
        172. Seven Trading Floors
        173. Heavenly Trading Floors (not part of the audio series)
        174. Iniquity, Transgression and Sin
        175. Patterns of Iniquity
        176. Occupying Our Inheritance
        177. Heaven Around Us, Heaven Within Us
        178. No Spot or Wrinkle
        179. Sealed Up Until the End of Time
        180. Divine Nature Assimilated
        181. Eat This Bread, Live For Ever
        182. Not Of This Creation
        183. The Judgment Seat of Christ
        184. An Earthly and a Heavenly Inheritance
        185. The Battle For Inheritance
        186. No Longer a Slave, but a Son
        187. New Dimensions of Authority and Power
        188. Live And Not Die
        189. The Books Are Being Opened
        190. By Personal Encounter and Experience
        191. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
        192. Ministering Spirits (Angels – Part 1)
        193. Rendering Service (Angels – Part 2)
        194. For the Heirs of Salvation (Angels – Part 3)
        195. The Source and River of Life
        196. Set Apart in Holiness
        197. Citizens of Another Kingdom
        198. Earth Like Heaven
        199. Attitude Determines Altitude
        200. Cities of Refuge (not part of the audio series)
        201. Flavours and Colours
        202. Answer Creation’s Call
        203. Manifesto of Love
        204. A Journey Quest for Identity
        205. The Song of our Destiny
        206. God’s Eternal Purpose
        207. Restored to Original Condition
        208. Whose Slave Are You?
        209. The Right to Become Children of God
        210. A Beloved Child
        211. The Father’s Hug
        212. Who We Really Are
        213. Embrace the New!
        214. The Hearts of the Children
        215. Revealing the Sons of God
        216. Twelve Steps to an Orphan Heart
        217. Redemptive Gifts (1)
        218. Principles and Blessings – Redemptive Gifts (2)
        219. Redemptive Gifts (3) and Other Influences
        220. Sacrifice, Transformation, Destiny – Redemptive Gifts (4)
        221. “Does This Apply To Me?” – Redemptive Gifts (5)
        222. Complementary Gifts – Redemptive Gifts (6)
        223. Frequencies of Heaven – Redemptive Gifts (7)
        224. Called According to His Purpose
        225. God Chooses You
        226. Nothing Can Stop Us
        227. Lost Destiny Restored
        228. Alien Destiny
        229. No-One Said It Would Be Easy
        230. Your Destiny Revealed
          Aside: Fasten Your Seatbelts
        231. Meet The Real God
        232. The Greatest Scandal of the Age
        233. Wider, Deeper, Longer, Higher
        234. Revolution of Love
        235. New Order Ekklesia
        236. The Hallmark of the New
        237. New Things Have Come
        238. A Good Report
        239. The Things They Now Believe
        240. Loving Instruction and Correction
        241. You Have Not Desired
        242. Enjoy The Ride!
        243. Not Counting Their Trespasses
        244. The Hell Delusion
        245. What Jesus Did
        246. Gnashing Teeth and Goats
        247. Limitless Grace and Mercy
        248. Multicoloured, Multifaceted Reality
        249. The Veil is Taken Away
        250. Pillars In My Mind
        251. God’s Original Design and Purpose
        252. Unrestricted Sons
        253. Framing Your Reality
        254. Restored to Sonship
        255. Times of Refreshing
        256. The Period of Restoration of All Things
        257. Limitless, Immortal Beings
        258. The Glory of the Children of God
        259. Clothed with Glory
        260. Coming Back into Alignment
        261. The Final Judgment
        262. Life and immortality
        263. The Word of God
        264. Relationship Replaced
        265. Love’s Good News
        266. A Happy Eschatology
        267. Engaging the Father
        268. Beyond the Physical Realm
        269. Into the Heavenly Realms
        270. Walk on the Ancient Path
        271. Being the Joshua Generation
        272. One Conclusion: God Is Love
        273. Sons Invested and Enthroned
        274. Separating and reintegrating soul and spirit (1)
        275. Separating and reintegrating soul and spirit (2)
        276. Living In Dual Realms
        277. On Earth as in Heaven
        278. Established in Heaven
        279. The Agreement of Heaven
        280. Are We There Yet?
        281. Scroll of Destiny: Just Being
        282. Live loved, love living, live loving
        283. Love Wins
        284. His Love Never Fails
        285. God is Love… BUT
        286. Unconditional Love in Action

The Eschatology of the Restoration of All Things

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