Many of the posts on this blog are based on Mike’s teaching series at Freedom Church, including, in chronological order:

  1. Prophetic Timetable
  2. Joshua Generation (part of Prophetic Timetable)
  3. Kingdom Realms
  4. Preparing For Destiny
  5. Living Sacrifice (drawn from various series)
  6. Transformation
  7. Trading (part of Transformation)
  8. Inheritance
  9. Angels (part of Inheritance)
  10. Ambassadors Of Heaven
  11. Destiny (begins here)

You can also purchase audio downloads of these and other teachings on our Freedom Apostolic Resources website, freedomtrust.org.uk/AR

Other teaching available on this blog:

Communion Prayer
The Ever-Increasing Kingdom – Eschatology (part of Prophetic Timetable)

Check out Engaging God, our subscription-based programme for the Joshua generation, which includes Mike’s latest teaching. It will enable you to learn how to access God in the realms of heaven and within your own spirit and heart, and to take up your responsibility as a son in God’s kingdom. Find out more…

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Freedom Apostolic Resources is a trading style of Freedom Trust,
a charity registered in England. Registered charity number 1032920.
Registered office: Freedom Centre, 1 Howard Avenue,
Barnstaple EX32 8QA, UK.

4 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Hello, just trying to find the audio teaching on the 5 rivers that are present with us. Any help to locate them is highly appreciated. Also, am new to this way of seeing, where do I start? I bought a whole bunch of mp3s but don’t know where to start. I know you talk about hindrances, obstacles and how to clear them, is there a teaching? I bought the mentoring series is that a good place to start? Thank you for the teachings I have always felt that there was more now I know there is more. Thank you


    • Hi Phyllis.

      As to where to start, the ‘Supernatural Mentoring’ mp3s are recordings of mentoring sessions with different groups from around the world, so they are not strictly sequential nor are they a structured approach to the subject. We tend to recommend the first session of Supernatural workshops 2012, which is available on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAIMVmC7oNc entitled ‘Exercises How To Enter The Spiritual Realm and Interact with God’ or you can download the audio (confusingly listed as being from October 2013) from our free podcast page http://freedomtrust.org.uk/AR/?page_id=57. If you would like the rest of that series, please contact me on admin@freedomtrust.org.uk and since you have already purchased so much from us I will make it available for you free of charge.
      Here on the blog, you could start with Preparing For Destiny and move on to Transformation by following the links on the page on which you have left your comment.
      I hope that is helpful. Blessings – Jeremy.

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