‘See in the spirit’

In one of his first Google Hangouts, Mike found himself sharing some of the story of his early encounters in the heavenly realms. That section begins from about 7:39 in this YouTube clip…

… or you can download the audio here: My journey to see in the Spirit (audio)
[Please note: some browsers may only play this audio rather than downloading it].

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34 thoughts on “‘See in the spirit’”

  1. Many years of seeing but not engaging trying to understand. Some places are very dry spiritually. Now for me its time to get in the pool. I found in my world of influence many candles but no fire….Now i see a change coming. Engage- Engage-Engage- Glory to God the light will declare it………..Thank You………….

  2. Blessed: I have written before asking for some direction into how to be part of this revelation. I am from Puerto Rico and would like to be teached about all these things!!! I just need someone to help me get started in how to use the tools available by internet and download the material. My name is Jeff and Phone number is [removed for security reasons]. Thank you for sharing this great things!!!

  3. I would love to be added to your email subscription and, if currently available, I would be very interested in connecting with your UK mentoring hangout!
    Thanks for all that you are doing!

  4. Dear Mike, this is the first time i’ve seen you. Here in New Zealand God is currently raising up an older man by the name of Mark Hollowoway, who is bringing a new way of fellowshipping with Jesus. It is a two way written conversation, I have seen the DVD and got the book called (the freedom diaries, God speaks back). I have been having these conversations now for one month and have been a christian since 1968. I have found my life has changed dramatically in such a short time.Jesus has been saying to me he wants to spend six months speaking this way and then he said, it would change tinto a seeing and hearing fellowship. For many years he has shown me that the true church is about to enter the feast of tabernacles, but in order for this to begin we must learn to “rest” in him as he rested in the father. He has been showing me how he abode in the vine (the father) and he produced fruit simply by resting. Then he showed me that he only did those things the Father told him and did those thing he say in vision (mental or open) the things father showed him. He has given me tastes of both these things, but currently im having the two way conversations. If you are wanting a great resource to help the people you are sharing with “Jubilee ministries” here in NZ have the DVD of Mark. I have come to understand that the real feast of tabernacles in the 2000 year church age will begin this September and that it will only last for seven years. Neville Johnson on you tube also speaks about this, and i believe he is hearing what Jesus is saying to him.
    Kind regards
    Phil Leigh

  5. This is without a doubt my favorite post on youtube by you Mike. Powerful testimony with just the perfect amount of detail. Praise the Lord, truly!

  6. I don’t know know how to comment on the amount of visitations and encounters, experiences that I have personally had as of four months ago when the holy spirit baptized me in fire in my home. I have always been a seer since I was a young girl and also received dreams and visions from a young age, angels have intervened in points of my life and I was also exposed to the demonic arena as a young girl, as a result I knew that there was a calling in my life. Since I have given myself as a living sacrifice holy spirit has opened the door to wisdom to come in and tutor me and it has been WOW!! I am still a babe in diapers that has started to experience the courts and a slew of other encounters I did not know where possible, I have been to the gate of first Love and encountered Jesus, the angels have been saturating my smell senses with the sweet smell of scriptures of old and holy oil and they are interacting with me a lot more. I was looking for people who have been experiencing what I have had the privilege of experiencing and holy spirit is showing me that there is a lot of us out there that have been waking up so to speak. I call myself an awaken one, and I just am so thankful that I am finding people like the ones that gather here who are awakened as well, kind of makes you feel less alone.

    1. Liza, that is awesome. I am hungering for such an experience. Recently Ian Clayton came to Singapore and did a 3 day seminar for a group of about 100 of us. I had a prophecy that I would meet Wisdom and she will teach me personally, that I would see the Angelic realm. Though I have been a Christian for many years , I have not had any experience that I am reading about, Received 3 gemstones . That’s about it.
      The Methodists are very skeptical about the deeper things of God. I have on my own searched for more of Him. You are not alone dear. God Bless you with more encounters and I want it too.

    2. Hello my breathren, i have been listening just recently by searching on the new. I live in Ontatio Canada and i am so hungered for a higher levels in the spirit. I am a dedicate child of God but not seem to be able to find God in a deeper Levi in the spirit. Please help me i need your help. I fast a lot pray specific times most days but still not satisfied with result.

      [email address removed for security]

    3. Hi Lisa, just saw your post. I wishes i had known Mike Parson while i was in uk few months ago, i just couldn’t find any church that taught the bible this way even though i have been a dedicate christian most of my life as Pentecostal. I am doing everything i know to do yet cant hear accurately from the Lord about my own affairs. I am trying my best not to be discouraged but i am broken not being able to see or hear in the spirit. I need help and no where to go. I know of prophets etc but all of them seem to be in Africa. Nobody seems to be reachable for mentoring in these levil of spiritually near by. The regular Churches Are usually very fleshly. I need God. Is there anyone out there to help me, am desperate for the throne room.

      God bless you all.
      [email address removed for security]

      1. Hi Polly

        There is a great deal of teaching by Mike Parsons available on this blog, on our website and on YouTube. Please check out ‘My Journey to see in the spirit’ https://freedomarc.wordpress.com/my-journey-to-see-in-the-spirit/
        and ‘Exercises How to enter the spiritual realm and interact with God’ https://freedomarc.wordpress.com/my-journey-to-see-in-the-spirit/ which we hope you find helpful.

        We also run an online teaching programme ‘Engaging God’ https://freedomarc.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/eg/. There is a £5 per month (about $10 Canadian) subscription for this.

        You will find more information about all this on our website http://freedomtrust.org.uk



        1. Blessings. And Thanks for response. Also, i would like to know if you know of any group in Ontatio Canada or close to Niagara falls ont.
          I would like to have some closer spiritual support , its lonely here.
          Sent from my BlackBerry

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