Kingdom Realms

Kingdom Realms is a teaching series by Mike Parsons which provided material for 39 posts between February and November 2013.

God intends us to have access to the realms of heaven right now, to be raised up to occupy dimensions of rulership so that we can bring heaven to earth.

  • We can engage with God in our own heart and in the heavenly realms.
  • We use our imagination as a gateway to the spiritual realm, and meditation on scripture as a doorway to enter in.
  • Through increasing intimacy with the Father we develop increasing maturity as sons.
  • As mature sons we have a part to play in exercising authority in heavenly places and on the earth.

Please visit our Freedom Apostolic Resources website to buy the audio of Mike’s original talks (with PowerPoint/PDF slides). For subscribers to Engaging God, the full series is included in module 4 of the program.

If you would like to follow the blog posts, you should be able to click on the first in the series below, and then read them in order by following the ‘Next’ link at the foot of each post. If that does not work for you, the individual links are all given here in sequential order:

  1. Kingdom Realms
  2. The Heavens and the Earth
  3. The Fall of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer
  4. Seed Wars
  5. A Doorway to Experience
  6. The Way, The Truth, and The Life
  7. Step into the Realm of Heaven
  8. What Is A Mountain?
  9. The Enemy is Disarmed and Vulnerable
  10. Manifestation of the Sons of God
  11. Surrender and Rule
  12. Image-Bearers of the Heavenly
  13. Seven Mountains, Seven Thrones
  14. Everlasting Doors
  15. The Door of Heaven Stands Open
  16. Filthy Garments and Festal Robes
  17. Investiture, Succession, Enthronement, Coronation.
  18. Familiar Spirits: Throne-takers and Destiny-destroyers
  19. Questions of Destiny
  20. Scroll of Destiny (revisited)
  21. Engaging the Timeline
  22. Agreement, Resonance and Harmony
  23. Destiny and the Age To Come
  24. Developing our Spiritual Senses
  25. The Heart, the Blood and the Brain
  26. Spirit Being, Living Being, Human Being
  27. Transformation Through Communion
  28. Two Resonating Testimonies
  29. Twelve Strands, Twelve Stones
  30. A Channel of God
  31. Caterpillars, Butterflies and Superheroes
  32. The Proof Of Desire
  33. Intimacy With The Father
  34. One Spirit With Him
  35. God on the Inside
  36. River Of Living Water
  37. The Power Of Testimony
  38. Cultivate A Garden Relationship
  39. Transforming The Atmosphere

Note: Posts 24-39 are mostly rather shorter than usual, and were originally posted as part of the ‘NaBloPoMo’ blogging challenge in November 2013.

Please let us know about any broken or incorrect links in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Realms”

  1. Thank you very much for your posting .I have follow for a while And finally understand a little bit . And now I follow the prayers and experience the river of God .The love of Father… Thanks again

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