89. Seed Wars

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott – 

When Satan fell, he was seeking to overturn God’s eternal plan that Man should inherit the heavens. He wanted that place of rulership for himself.

Here is a diagram I used when I taught about spiritual warfare in Freedom Church:
I realise that some of the writing is quite small to read, so you can click on the image above to view or download it as a PDF file, if that helps.

Time and Eternity

On the left you see eternity, the setting for Genesis 1:1. Before time, if you like. God created the earth to be inhabited, but then Lucifer rebelled, as we saw last time, and was cast down to the earth, where he brought down God’s judgment upon it in the first flood.

Moving to the right, you find Genesis 1:2. Inside the bracket of time, now. The earth is without form, and void (that’s really just another word for ’empty’). God begins again, He recreates the earth. How long is the time between verse 1 and verse 2? We have no idea. Nor do we know how long a time elapsed between verses 2 and 3. It could have been microseconds; it could have been 14 billion years. We don’t know.

The Fall of Man

Then comes the week of (re-)creation followed by the story of Adam’s fall, as Satan now engages with Adam and Eve. And what he is offering them is the only thing he has to trade with: information. He offers them the opportunity to become like God, but without God. The opportunity to know, without God. To rule, without God (he would later try the same thing on Jesus in the wilderness). This is the root of humanism.

Trading for Seed

He offers to give them information in return for something. They did not trade by eating a piece of fruit from a tree – that is very symbolic language when you go back into the original language. Satan overshadowed them, and took their DNA. He knew that DNA was the only thing that could inherit the heavens.

Now that he has DNA, he produces a seed. That may be an unfamiliar idea, but it is right there in scripture. In Genesis 3:14-15 we find the first prophecy of the coming of a Messiah, a Redeemer, and in verse 15 we read about Satan’s seed: “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel”. God is talking to Satan, and says, “Your seed and her seed”. It is made really clear that Satan has seed.

Seed Wars

This is how he came to get that seed. Cain and Abel, who were twins, had different fathers. Abel’s father was Adam, and his DNA was to produce what is called ‘the seed of woman’. Except that Cain killed him, and God had to reinstitute that line through Seth. Cain’s father was Satan. Cain was the seed of Satan. So you can view this whole period as one of seed wars, during which Cain’s seed seek to rule.

Polluting the Seed

Then, in Noah’s time, we have fallen watcher angels – Ben Elohim (sons of God) – falling to earth, leaving their proper place (Jude 1:6). They do a similar thing with human women, overshadowing them (this is not sex as we know it, but overshadowing of their DNA) to produce the race of giants called the Nephilim. Spiritual warfare becomes intense, fighting for the purity of the seed. Judgment comes again in the flood, but God preserves the seed of woman.

Jesus the Seed

We know that Jesus was the prophesied seed who was coming, who was to crush Satan’s head (though he would bruise His heel). Satan did not know that, but every scheme and intention of his was to prevent the fulfilment of that prophecy by eliminating or corrupting the seed line before it could happen.

Abraham and his Seed

Remember the covenant God made with Abraham. It was a covenant with Abraham ‘and his seed’ (Gal 3:16). And throughout the Old Testament period, Satan threw everything he had at frustrating God’s plan. From genocide under Pharoah to the massacre of the innocents under Herod, he tried everything to prevent the fulfilment of God’s words in Genesis 3:15. Even when Jesus was ready to enter His ministry, as I mentioned earlier, he attempted to derail His destiny in the wilderness.

The Prophecy Fulfilled

The cross, he thought, was his moment of crowning triumph. Only to find that, despite his best efforts, all he had done was fall in with the eternal purpose of God, and co-operated in bringing down that promised crushing blow upon his own head.


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Author: Freedom ARC

Freedom Apostolic Resource Centre, Barnstaple, UK.

28 thoughts on “89. Seed Wars”

  1. How does the Satan’s Seed concept relate to what I’ve always heard that “Satan cannot create anything, only God can create”? That Satan has to get us to agree with his lies (adopting them into ourselves) and then if we act on them we manifest them in the Earth, but he cannot create or manifest on the Earth on his own. True?

    Echo in John 1:1-4? “In Him all things were made, and apart/without Him nothing was made that has been made”. Obvious contradiction, or tortured wording, or leaves room for other things that were made without the light and life of God, but they are so dead and illegitimate by being created and animated by darkness that they don’t really exist?

    Like, there are other “things” in the world (maybe illegal hybridizations, nephilim, clones, etc. aren’t actual creations, just inanimate objects), but since they are not animated by the pure light of the Ancient of Days, they don’t qualify as actual Creations?

    The whole GMO + Seed Bank in Anarctica + Globalist weirdo life extension hacks seem like proofs that inorganic life can’t re-create / re-generate itself, and is reliant on man-made tech and occult ritual to persist. Only true organic life, organisms that are animated the by ever-present Light of the World, can regenerate and reproduce without external input and intervention.

    Would LOVE to know your take on this!

    1. Hi Kate
      I agree that satan cannot create but he does distort, corrupt and counterfeit what is already made. Adam and Eve agreed with his lies and so cooperated in any manipulation that took place that resulted in what Genesis 3:15 states as two seed. The desire to pollute or destroy the seed of women was woven into mankind’s history and are described in the Gen 6 account of the Nephilim and the post-flood giants etc. Those who were not righteous in their generations were not human and had no spirits but their personalities make up what we call demons today. GMO’s etc and the transhuman agenda may well be a continuation of the enemies desire to rob, kill and destroy. I appreciate your points as they give a similar view but from a slightly different perspective.


  2. Dear Mike and Jeremy
    Hello guys,
    We are a Japanese Christian couple living in Vancouver Canada.
    We have been studying and walking with Ian, Jason and Justin since 2009.
    I found your teaching materials are very helpful, I would like to get the permission to translate in to Japanese. Of course, your names
    and related ministries are mentioned . Look forward to hearing from you. By the way, Mike I would love to be mentored in the Spirit school.
    Thank you very much
    In Him
    Mark MASUDA

    1. Quelques articles sont maintenant disponibles en français – https://filsdissacar.wordpress.com/

      We are now making some of our resources available in other languages too:

      Deutsch – http://freedomtrust.org.uk/AR/?page_id=4785
      Español – https://hablemosverdad.wordpress.com/
      Português (do Brasil) – blog (https://filhosdeissacar.wordpress.com/) e Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/umavidasobrenatural/)
      中文 [Zhōngwén] https://chinesefreedomarc.wordpress.com/ 網站和 Facebook 中文自由使者資訊中心 @sinaAmbassador https://www.facebook.com/sinaAmbassador/

  3. The Scripture is clear that Cain was the seed (or son) of ADAM and Eve. See Genesis 4:1.
    We know there were Nephilim, but Cain was not one of those.
    God does not contradict Himself.

    1. Thank you Mike / Jeremy for providing the valuable information above. Gaylen brings up a good point though. It seems like Cain was the genetic offspring of Adam and Eve, according to Genesis 4:1. Is there a way to reconcile the two? Perhaps it depends on how you interpret Genesis 4:1. Thanks.

      1. I 3rd this. Would an admin please reply to it? Gen. 4:1 seemingly constitutes as direct contradiction to “serpent seed” theory, although I’m open as well to my personal interpretation being renewed within the heart…

        God has blessed us!
        Kramer Ashburn

        1. Hey Kramer

          As another commenter suggested, it is really a matter of how you read Gen 4:1 (especially if you read it in isolation from the rest of the chapter).

          Please bear in mind that we are reading a translation, and that no translator can avoid bringing their own understanding and worldview to the task (committees are even worse, defaulting to the lowest common denominator, a form of words on which they can all agree).

          A Google search for ‘serpent seed and Gen 4:1’ brings up a raft of opinions on both sides of the divide, some of which you might find useful.

          In Genesis chapter 4, Adam and Eve had sexual relations twice, but had three sons. It is possible for a woman to fall pregnant by two different fathers in one cycle – the technical term is ‘heteropaternal superfecundation’. The Wikipedia article suggests that ‘superfecundation most commonly happens within hours or days of the first instance of fertilization with ova released during the same cycle’. The fact that she gave birth to Cain, and later to Abel, suggests that there may have been little time between these events.

          To summarise, Eve may already have been pregnant with Cain before Abel’s conception, and the wording of the first few verses of Genesis 4 (rather than verse 1 alone) does not rule this out, in my view.

          God spoke about the serpent’s seed being in conflict with the seed of woman, and we see this happening throughout history. If not here, we have to ask where else this seed came from.


      2. Hello,
        I have a few questions, please. If not through sexual encounter then how does Satan “overshadow” and steal their DNA? Does Satan have the same power and ability that the Holy Spirit did when He overshadowed Mary? Would that then mean that some demons have the ability to steal DNA by overshadowing people or only Satan himself.? If that is true then how would one know that occurred or even protect oneself from that? Could not just by sinning have broken or damaged the DNA in Eve as a consequence ? Also, does not the Scriptures say that the sons of God took wives for themselves meaning they had sexual relations?
        I believe Satan can steal seed however I am not fully understanding he has the authority to overshadow without sexual encounter? I read the commentary yet there’s not a clear certainty on that, Scriptually speaking. I’m just trying to fully understand. Please clarify..
        Thank you!

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