105. Scroll Of Destiny (revisited)

Mike Parsons
and Jeremy Westcott

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations. (Jer 1:5).

God knew us before we were formed in the womb. He knew us before we were a physical being. At that point we existed, and He knew us, as a spiritual being. God is spirit, and we have come out of God. Our spirit is eternal: it will never die, because it is of the essence of God.

What am I here for?

We saw last time that all of us have a destiny. “For I know the plans that I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer 29:11). God’s plan is for us to enjoy peace and wholeness; His plan is to prosper us and to see us succeed. He gives us a hope by giving us a vision of our destiny. So do we know what we are here for? Do we know who we are meant to be? And do we know our name?

That may sound like a strange question, but God has a name for us which is our true name. It encompasses all we are and all He intends us to be. It is a heavenly name which is assigned to us in accordance with our destiny. It is the name that is on our thrones, and in our scroll. When I saw my name, I knew it was me. It will be the same for you, because your spirit will leap in recognition, just as John leapt in Elizabeth’s womb when he sensed Jesus in Mary’s womb. That is what happens when aspects of our destiny start to take place around us. Things start to move us and our spirit begins to leap.

In Your book

We existed before we had a physical body. The scripture tells us that there was a substance to our lives which God saw when it was still unformed.

Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
and in Your book (scroll) were all written
the days that were ordained for me,
when as yet there was not one of them.

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!’

(Psa 139:16-17).

We have briefly mentioned our scroll of destiny before, in the context of judgment. That scroll was written not only before we were formed, but before God created the heavens and the earth. Understanding who we were then, even as an ‘unformed substance’, will really help us to understand who we are now. Everything we are called to be now was written then, on our scroll.

Sometimes we will find that we have done the things that are written on it, even though we might have never read it. That will happen because our destiny is inherently tied up with who we are. When we choose to line up with the purposes of God, and seek to be guided by Him, we start to fulfil our destiny.

But if we actually read it, we can engage with our destiny in a completely different dimension. And God is willing to show it to us, though maybe not all of it, not all at once. It would be too much for us.

If we picture a scroll (like the one at the head of this article), we can look at one section of it, but there is much more of it still rolled up which comes before and after what we are looking at. The same with a book: we can see the pages which are open, but all the other pages are hidden until we turn to them. If we ask, God will reveal a portion or an aspect of what is on our scroll: He may show it to us, read it to us, or tell us in some other way. But we will know. And depending on what we do with the portion He has revealed, He is always willing to show us more.

How precious are Your thoughts

Psalm 139 tells us that God has many thoughts about us, because He knows us intimately. We need to get hold of those thoughts, because they will transform how we think about ourselves. It cannot be anything but life-changing for us to know how God thinks about us. I guarantee that not one of us thinks about ourselves 100% the way God does. But the more we allow God’s thoughts toward us to affect the way we think about ourselves, the more transformation we will see in our lives, and the more we will become like Jesus. We will do the things He did, and the greater things we are called to do.

The thoughts of God toward us today are totally in tune with what was written on our scroll before the foundation of the world. But destiny is not fate. We have a choice, to agree with God and pursue it, or not. We already agreed with Him when our scroll was written. If we choose to agree with Him now, it is essential for us to get hold of His thoughts toward us and to know what is written on our scroll.

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Note: The image of a scroll at the head of this post is from Netherlands Wikipedia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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71 thoughts on “105. Scroll Of Destiny (revisited)”

  1. Interesting hypothesis to our origins, but just not Biblically true. What you write about above is a misunderstanding of the nature and attributes of God. While God knew us before even the creation.of the world, we did not exist then as either physical or spiritual. The Bible supports no such notion. That is totally a figment of your own invention. Eternity past was only Father, Son and Spirit. God alone always was and is and is to come. We are the clay and he is the potter. Yes indeed scripture reveals we were created, and then God breathed into us his very own Spirit and breath of life, but at conception is when our souls are formed, not before. There is absolute zero evidence of anything what you conjecture above. Now i say you have a misunderstanding of the nature of God, because by your misreading of these Psalms above, your god is much too small and limited. You see God is not like a man. He is not limited by time, or our 4 dimensional created space time universe like we are. God knew you before the creation of time because God is timeless. He sees and is intimate with every detail of this universe from creation to destruction all at the same time. God knows Adam while knowing me and you and the very last baby born before the day of judgement way in “our” future, not because we are some part of God in eternity past, for all created things had a defined beginning. Time is of no relation to the Everlasting One who lives in dimensions of reality outside of time. Hes sees all from beginning to end from his perspective outside of the created order can interact with and portion of time. You gotta expand your view of God. He’s much more powerful and awesome than you thought or even than can think. How do i know this? Simple. In the Bible, God, tells us this in many ways. Its begins with his name. I Am. Not I and you are, no, just I Am. Think on this and examine the scriptures to see if what I say is true.
    May the peace of Christ be with you.

    1. The revelation shared in these posts comes from personal the experiences of myself, those who have mentored me and those who I am mentoring. The nature and attributes of God as set out in these posts are not theorized or hypothesized but come from actually engaging God personally in the realms of heaven. Heaven is open to experience Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit face to face in intimate daily experiences.

      The created realms of earth and the 7 different heavenly realms exist in differing time dimensions and are all encompassed within the infinite eternal God Himself. What we understand about eternity and what was before what is can only be understood even partially from engaging God Himself. God does exist both within the various time dimensions He has created and outside those dimensions. When we engage the heavenly realms God is able to reveal to us what the vast sum of thoughts He had about us and what was revealed to our spirits that existed before they entered the fertilized egg at conception. Our spirits are distinct and existed before our soul and body. Our souls containing our redemptive gift formed at conception distinct and separated from our spirit which was separated from God because of sin.

      People who have never engaged God personally in the heavens are restricted to a revelation that is limited to the bible alone or to spiritual experiences in this earthly dimension. The bible introduces us to God and reveals something of His character and nature but can never fully reveal His infinite greatness. The bible itself could not contain everything that Jesus did on earth let alone reveal the fullness of an infinite God but it is of course our plumb-line for our experiences.

      We hold no pantheistic world view nor was it our intention to infer that we are God or are part of God but we are created spiritual beings sons of God that existed before conception. Proverbs 8 indicates that wisdom existed before creation and she saw creation unfold. The angels were created along with the spiritual realms before our physical universe and they watched it being created. Therefore there have been many different dimensions created by God in different time (as we know the concept) dimensions that can only be understand by personal encounter. Time is a function of the speed of light and God is light. The speed of light is not a constant and has been slowing down in our dimension and is variable depending on our closeness to God pure light. Christian physicists Barry Setterfield has some very good papers on the subject.
      It is possible to see things on the timeline in the past as God is able to show us such things as our spirits can engage the spiritual realms in differing time dimensions.

      It is easy for people to suggest many things are figments of peoples imagination when they have not experience those things themselves but that does not mean they don’t exist outside of their personal experiences unless they are suggesting they know everything.

      I believe in progressive revelation and that God is opening the books that have been sealed to be opened in the days in which we live and many hungry seekers are experiencing new and deeper revelation and experience of God himself today.

  2. Very good and so very true! But isn’t it amazing how the televangelists and false minists all these that you worship..have no fear of the Lord? Isn’t this amazing how Patricia king and beennyhinn all of these folks would treat me as though as if I were a slot machine? Because there is no fear of the Lord! Even my mainly is looking for money..isn’t that something? But the Lord says ..to go back to when Daniel and ..Joseph were held in derision.. He said look what happened to all the governors and magistrates their religious satraps.. Looke d what happened.. But I think best.. To make some revisions.. I will decision to die in the cold air.. And leave it at that! For there is no fear of the lord and pompous ones on tv love their positions they like to be the head.. When in fact many of them have stolen from God they have deceived the people and they have lost their first love.. They have used the ministry for selfish gain.. Yes.. I would not be surprised of how the end shall be.. But I am most content to go home to be with the Lord.. For you see.. The scriptures were not honored in the order which was spoken and the majority of churches have set themselves above the Lord and made themselves about capitalism instead of .true worship for the scriptures say they are to go from house to house.. They are not a building or an establishment.. They have .. Manipulated everything into a modern day of the church but many things will occur in these ours.. That will .. Sow what men are truly made of… Yes..that is so true! Sylvia

    Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 06:01:05 +0000 To: jezreeel@msn.com

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