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“Oh at last! A progressive, structured and inspired journey through to being a Son of God. Thank you Mike Parsons and Freedom Centre; you guys rock!” (Tony C)

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Engaging God on the Heavenly Pathways of Relationship and Responsibility
Equipping a Joshua Generation of supernatural sons of God to live according to the order of Melchizedek

‘Engaging God’ is an interactive modular programme developed by Mike Parsons.

Through using it you will learn how to access God through Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life, in the realms of heaven and within your own spirit and heart; and how to take up your responsibility as a mature son [daughter] in God’s kingdom.

Many people have had involuntary or ecstatic encounters or experiences where they have engaged God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and the realms of heaven in visions. Whether you have had such experiences yourself or not, through this programme you will learn to develop the ability to engage and re-engage those encounters at will, and to mature in outworking the revelation you receive from God on a daily basis.

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*Technology permitting: automated process on completion of online registration form and payment plan setup. Terms and conditions apply.

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Author: Freedom ARC

Freedom Apostolic Resource Centre, Barnstaple, UK.

11 thoughts on “Try ‘Engaging God’ FREE for 2 weeks!”

  1. Hi I am floundering with the new setup.  Before D-day, as I understood, I signed up and produced a new password.  I assumed it would be all fine.  However it isn’t, tried using the new password for the new system and got nowhere.  Now I keep reading something about WordPress, which I have never heard of, haven’t got a clue.  Please help – once again. Patricia Elliott

    1. Hi Patricia.

      I’m sorry to hear this.

      This blog website (Sons of Issachar) that you have posted this comment on is hosted by WordPress, at
      I’m not sure why you would have been reading about WordPress though.

      If you contact us by email on we can get you logged into the new set-up for Engaging God. It is better not to do that here because these comments are public.



  2. Hello, my computer crashed and I lost my log in information. Haven’t been on for awhile. Ready to engage the new program. Thank you. Valerie Stipe

    1. Hello Heila,

      You would be part of a group of up to 12 (but normally around 4-6) people meeting online via Google hangouts, at least once a month. Your mentor would be a more experienced member of the Engaging God community.
      We normally suggest you complete the background material in Module 1 of Engaging God before requesting a mentor.
      There is much more detailed information at – but please do not complete the form you will find there until you have subscribed to the programme!



  3. Hi: I was not able to connect to the new website.

    Also I’m a subscriber for the old format. Does my subscription transfer over to the new format?



    On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 10:08 AM, Sons Of Issachar wrote:

    > Freedom ARC posted: “Our popular ‘Engaging God’ programme has a brand new, > user-friendly layout! “Oh at last! A progressive, structured and inspired > journey through to being a Son of God. Thank you Mike Parsons and Freedom > Centre; you guys rock!” (Tony C)” >

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