Want to go deeper, higher?

This event is over, but the recordings are available.

Do you want to go deeper? Deeper into intimacy with God, deeper into God Himself, deeper into the Truth (Jesus), deeper into revelation?

Do you want to go higher? Higher into the creative light realms, into the heart and mind of God outside of time and space, to engage with who He created you to be?

Then join us from March 8th to 10th, either in person or via the livestream, for Engaging The Father, the first of our Sons Arise! conferences for 2018.

This event is now finished. For recordings, please go to https://freedomarc.org/engagingfather 

New material

Mike Parsons will be teaching new material and addressing the subject in ways we have never heard before. In addition to the teaching sessions, there will also be time set aside for us to encounter the Father for ourselves.

Topics likely to include: Restoration of fatherhood and sonship – Call to the Joshua Generation – Accessing the fire stones of destiny – Engaging the Ya Sod, the Father’s heart in the what was (eternity) – Standing in the 4 faces of God – Operating in the Order of Melchizedek.


This event is now finished. For recordings, please go to https://freedomarc.org/engagingfather 

Livestream (includes recordings)

This event will also be livestreamed.

The cost of the livestream for the ‘Engaging The Father’ conference is £30 GBP. This includes continued access to the  video recordings afterwards, so if the timings don’t suit you, you can play any sessions you miss at your own convenience. Downloadable video, audio and PDF files will be added later – all included in the livestream price.
Click here to order the livestream/recordings.

Author: Freedom ARC

Freedom Apostolic Resource Centre, Barnstaple, UK.

One thought on “Want to go deeper, higher?”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I am new to your teachings, but I can truly say that Father have prepared me for such a time as this. The first thing Father said to me is INTIMACY. So I listened to your teaching on intimacy. Anyway, I wanted to tell you of the confirmation the Lord gave me through this teaching.

    You see, I was born on the 8th of April, got engaged with my hubby after 8 months, got married on the 8th of July, my ring has 8 diamonds in them and my daughter was born on the 8th of February. Way too many eights for a coincidence. I knew it had to do with eternal covenant, but never understood specifically for what. Then I started asking the Lord to show me. The Lord has shown me things in three’s. So, my daughter gave me a bracelet with an eternity 8 sign on it. The Lord lead met to study the Chet letter n the Hebrew Alphabet, which symbol is the 8 and then one of the first things you said was the frequency of heaven coming to earth for greater intimacy, which symbol is 8! Oh, His faithfulness overwhelms me every time!

    Just wanted to share. I hope this message reaches you, just to l et you know that your ministry to the Church is reaching good old South Africa.

    May you experience a deeper intimacy in Him from glory to glory,

    Pietra de Bod

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