245. What Jesus Did

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott

In the last two posts I have quickly outlined what the Bible really says about ‘hell’. That has caused a certain amount of controversy (to put it mildly). But I am not trying to invent a new theology or doctrine, or even ask you to believe what I believe, and this time I am simply going to share my testimony with you.

Renewing my mind

In recent years, God has given me experiences that demonstrate the strength of His love, profoundly challenging my beliefs and what I used to think the Bible was saying. This all happened as part of the removal of the manmade constructs of my mind, and it was not an easy process for me as those mindsets, doctrines and theological frameworks of my thinking were very strong.

For 3 weeks I felt severe pressure around my mind, almost like a physical pain. God was challenging me to reconsider the issue of ‘hell’ but my long-held belief systems discouraged me from doing so. You see, I had even been to the fire. I had had visions of people in anguish in what I called ‘hell’. So I purposely held back, even though frequent love-encounters were making it increasingly difficult to deny what I now believe. That is, until Jesus actually took me back to the fire to see.

Satan’s trophy room

Wisdom’s heights was my entrance.

Does not wisdom call, and understanding lift up her voice? On top of the heights beside the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand; beside the gates, at the opening to the city, at the entrance of the doors, she cries out (Prov 8:1-3).

Some years ago, I was a given a seal and staff and went through a door on Wisdom’s heights. It was a tunnel of fire which opened into a place of extreme restriction and sadness: satan’s trophy room. There I saw 3 things:

  • The sparkling diamond trophies of the destinies of those living and dead who had not believed the good news
  • Stolen mantles and crowns
  • An area of the heritage of my generational family lines

Now Jesus took me back there. He showed me the heritage area and I looked at the family line of my father’s father.

Jesus said to me, “Do you want to see this restored?”

I asked “How?”

Into the fire

Then He showed me a door I had not seen when I came before. He explained that the door had been there all along, but my framework of beliefs would not allow me to see it. Then He gave me a silver heralding trumpet and we went through the door into the fire. There were thousands of people there from that part of my family line, not talking to one another; isolated individuals who appeared to be in anguish of soul. They were not being tormented; there was no devil there with a pitchfork or anything like that. They were there, on their own, in a place of consuming fire.

So I looked to Jesus, hoping He was going to do something. He just stood there looking right back at me. So eventually I preached the good news to them, though not very well! I felt rather tongue-tied and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with love, actually, and of course completely unprepared. But at least I told them that they could accept Jesus and come out.

I figured Jesus must have given me the trumpet for a reason, so I blew it. He turned to walk out, and there was no way I was going to stay in there on my own, so I followed Him back through the tunnel of fire. I went through the door back to Wisdom’s heights and this time I saw that the door was like a fiery sword (I knew that a fiery sword guards the way to the Tree of Life).

I looked back and a few hundred people had followed us to the door. As they approached I saw them kneel, I heard them confess Jesus as Lord and they walked out and through the gates into Zion.


I turned to Jesus. “What have you done to me? I’m in trouble now! How do I explain this?”

Jesus said “Just tell people that you are doing what I did – and I told you to do what I did, and greater things. This is just the beginning”.

I asked Jesus why so few of them had followed us out of the fire. If it was me and someone offered me a way out, I would have been out of there as fast as I could. This is what He told me:

“You can only preach with authority to the degree that the fire has consumed generational things in you. That is why not everyone responded. Keep presenting yourself to the fire of the altar and you will be able to reach more of your generational lines. Embrace the coals to touch areas of your life that have come from your generations; that will give you authority.”

So I present myself as a living sacrifice on the altar in the temple every day.

Back again… and again

Since that first time, I have been back to engage each of my 4 generational family lines and preached the good news to them. When I was in China in 2017 someone gave me a silver heralding trumpet just like the one Jesus had given me. One morning while I was there I woke at 3am and felt a strong desire to engage the altar and ask for the fiery coals to touch a specific area of behaviour, the area of divorce.

As I did, I began to feel intensely loving towards everyone in my generations who had been divorced, not angry or resentful, and I began forgiving them and blessing them. Once I finished I went to the fiery place again. I preached to all my generational lines with boldness, blew the silver trumpet and this time many more responded. They followed me out, came to the door, confessed Jesus as Lord and went through.

Later, on a Sunday morning here at Freedom as I was embracing the fire another area surfaced. I again went back and preached with renewed boldness and once again many more responded. Another time, I wondered what it might be like if I took communion down into the fire. So I went back there and offered communion, the body and blood of Jesus, to those who were in the fire. Yet again, many responded!

More recently I became aware that there were many in that place with fractured souls, what we sometimes call ‘stuck parts’, mostly caused by trauma in their lives. They were double-minded, triple-minded or worse and were unable to make a decision to follow Jesus. So I asked Jesus to come with me and I told them they could come to the Prince of Peace (shalom means ‘wholeness’) and be made whole. Vast numbers of them did so.

My strong desire is to empty that place, but for that to happen I need to embrace the fire myself. I need to be good news and demonstrate that good news in my own life.

I have now had many experiences of going into the place of fire both for personal refining and on rescue missions. The fire of God is for purifying and refining and removing all the dross in people’s lives. They are waiting for someone to come and share the good news with them.


One day, before I even mentioned this publicly, a friend I meet with online said he had something to share with me. He had been engaging in heaven when some of his family members came up to him. He was surprised and said “I didn’t know you were believers in Jesus!” And they said, “We weren’t. But we remembered that you said your whole household would be saved, and Jesus came and preached the good news to us, and that’s why we are here.” This really did not fit my friend’s theological box, as he put it. He was encouraged when I then shared my experiences too.

Since then (and especially after this topic cropped up in several of my regular online mentoring groups) I have had conversations with others and I have heard many testimonies of people who have gone into the fire and preached the good news as Jesus did. After I shared this in the Vision Destiny 2017 series I had a number of emails from people thanking me for opening up the discussion as they had been afraid of sharing their experiences because of the reaction they knew it would cause (a reaction I have experienced for myself).


This view of the fire as purification and a place from which people could be rescued is not some strange new doctrine. This was the position of many of the early Church Fathers and others across the church spectrum through the last 2000 years: Clement of Alexandria, St. Macrina, St Gregory Nyssen, St Isaac of Nineveh (and many other Fathers), and moderns including Fr. Sergei Bulgakov, St. Silouan the Athonite, Fr. Alexandre Turincev, Metropolitans Kallistos Ware and Hilarion Alfeyev.

There are many accusations people throw at you if you start talking like this. You will be called a heretic, and a Universalist (I am neither). I do not believe that all roads lead to God. I am not even a Christian Universalist because I do not believe that it is guaranteed. I believe that Jesus gives people the choice. I like what the article Hell in a hand basket says about hopeful inclusivism: “We cannot presume that all will be saved or that even one will be damned. Rather, we put our hope in the final victory and verdict of Jesus Christ.” But I do not accept any of these labels  – as soon as you accept a label you

  1. immediately narrow your options to the views espoused by those who carry that label.
  2. are assumed by others to believe everything they think that an [insert label here] believes.

Objections and accusations

Some will say “If people are going to be saved anyway, then what is the point of preaching the gospel?” Is that not a rather selfish view? Do we not want people to know and enjoy relationship with God now? Or to find and fulfil their destiny in this life? And I certainly do not want anyone to go into the consuming fire of God’s presence without knowing Him. It is not a pleasant place to be if you don’t know Him. If anything, I find I want to preach the good news more than ever.

They will also say, “Well, if there are no consequences to my behaviour then I might as well just keep on sinning.” If that is true, then they are only behaving as they do out of fear. They are living under the law, not grace (whilst they sadly shake their heads and accuse us of promoting ‘another gospel’). Why on earth would we want to keep on sinning, when sin messes up our relationship with God and everything else in our lives and its wages are death?

Embrace the fire

It is best not to argue with people. We can share our testimony, and just love them whether they agree with us or not. We are not looking to provoke controversy, enter into fruitless disputes or draw people into making accusations. These posts are not intended for those who only want to fight their corner and prove that they are right. They are for those who are open to lay down their own presumptions and assumptions, to engage with God for themselves and allow Him to reveal the truth about His love for them and for all His creation; for those who will embrace that truth and be part of the ‘restoration of all things’ (Acts 3:21).

Jesus told me to release this message and encourage the Joshua Generation to arise and be bold, to come to Him and He will open the gates to reveal the consuming fire and show them the way just as He has shown me. I believe we all have the ability to engage the fiery place and do what Jesus did, to preach the good news to those spheres that we are mandated to engage.

The refining fire of the altar is where the authority to preach will be given. As we embrace the fire with urgent desire, great authority will be released to us. I believe we get to choose when we go to the place of fire. We can go now, or later, but God is a consuming fire and we cannot escape His love. That love is an unquenchable fire, intended to refine and purify us.

Let’s choose to embrace the fire now.

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Image attribution: the image used at the head of this post is by 7trumpetsmusicband [CC BY-SA 4.0
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Hell? Journey Testimony Part 1Supernatural Mentoring Monday 12th March 2018 Washington


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16 thoughts on “245. What Jesus Did”

  1. I find this very moving. I was drawn to various scriptures where Jesus speaks of a firey pit where people are placed by the angels, but not for destruction, within the gospel of Matthew. Seeming as though it’s not for destruction, I correlated this to the new testament words that our works shall be tested by fire, and even that some are snatched like smouldering twigs from the fire.

    The concept of a firey place seems to be inline with a testing of the soul, not that we are being weighed but rather refined to see what parts are godly and which are not, so see where our heart is before the Lord.

    I was taken to a place where the dead sleep in a vision myself, and Jesus showed me many who were stuck there. He said that place is where he went to preach to them. I asked him why they were still there, and I even told them about the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some responded but many remained asleep in that dreary place.

    Jesus spoke to me in the vision and told me that we can preach to them but he will not force them to make a decision. Some are stuck their through their own decision, some because they can not see straight (the way of folly is a winding path, whereas the way of the wise is a straight one. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, so how can those who aren’t set before the Lord in their heart and mind, to follow him with one heart and mind, decide to take up their cross and follow our Lord Jesus Christ? A double minded person is tossed about by the wind and waves, and blown around with every wind of doctrine, whether it is true or false.) So how can they believe unless someone tells them, whether physically on Earth or in spirit?

    It is such a privilege to do the works of Jesus, both physical works and spiritual works as part of our heavenly calling.

  2. Excellent explanation and I know, that I know , that I know you are right in my Spirit and my mind. I feel this is why Jeremiah 33:3 is what it is and we need to ask the tougher questions. The verse says nothing about judging others, assuming things about others or yourself, it says call to me and I will tell you great and mighty things you do not know. Bottom line, many believers will never believe or accept what we experience, see, dream or think because religion won’t allow them to. So you love them and keep moving forward where He is taking you. This article is one my my favorites, thank you for sharing your heart and I’m praying for you that He will enlarge your heart more to grasp it all!
    Mark Bruner
    Napa, Ca

  3. Mike, I enjoy all the blogs you and Jeremy write but to me, this one is the best ever. We need to expand our understanding of what Jesus really did and engage with Him in it. I agree absolutely with you that our authority depends on how much of the fire we have embraced ourselves. The work of releasing the captives is multi-faceted because Jesus is not limited to steps 1-12 of our limited understanding and insecurity of needing steps to follow. We need to truly learn how to follow Him, listen to Him, and trust Him. Humility helps in this. We need to stop looking for experiences and just look to Him and go where He takes us.

  4. I year or so ago, I heard Nancy Coen making a little side comment here and there. Something stirred in me, and I began to wonder, and hope.

    I recently read, a little known, 2 book series that falls *wonderfully* within this topic. The series was written as fiction, but I think that was just to make it more palatable for people. It’s best read with an “hmmm… I wonder” attitude, and an open heart. (Then go ask Jesus about it if you are unsure.) This is of course, unless your own spirit is jumping up and down inside of you the entire time you are trying to read the books, making it difficult to focus through the excitement and joy.

    The books are by Tyler Johnson and are called “The Coming” (book 1) and “The UnRedeemed” (book 2) if you ever wish to check them out.

    I love hearing more and more people speaking openly about these experiences. There is such a loud cry for the Truth. We are so hungry for it. We need to have revelation that reveals the lies, untwists the truth that has been corrupted, and shines a light on things that used to be hidden mysteries. For me, hearing genuine experiences about things that I have no reference for, gives Holy Spirit a chance to grab my attention and say “Hey, there is something about this that rings true and you need to look into it”.

    God has been revealing different pieces of the puzzle to many people, but most are still not talking about them (even after they have been released by God to do so). I really look forward to the day when the floodgates are opened and people realize that they are not alone.

  5. Thank you Mike for continuing with this difficult topic, I too struggled with your previous posts. Thank you for sharing your testimony, by it’s power I now have understanding to”hear” with my heart. I wanted to mention something of value I heard Kat Kerr share, it adds so much in context to the above: when we pray for any person to come to the saving knowledge of Christ our scribe records the request and when the person passes Jesus, on the basis of His love for all humans honours the prayer, that contractually hangs “open-ended” in the spirit realm above that soul, by reiterating it and if they accept, jay for them. However Kat said, the Father explained that any unsettled unforgiveness towards any person overrides Christ’s salvation prayer with a person that just left time to enter eternity. This struck me hard when the Father quoted it to her from Matt. 6:14-15. God abounds in grace and yes a human can change His mind for Him, like Moses did, yet unforgiveness is a non-negotiable with Him…. much food for thought! Please add or expound if you can.

  6. Bless you for the meat on which to chew…just finished reading “Cosmos Reborn” by John Crowder, for the second time: a similar perspective. I cannot say I have had those particular experiences, but in response to a serious grieving season in my life almost two decades ago, I heard Father tell me very clearly–almost audibly–that I could go back in time to present the opportunity for zoe life and abundance to those who had passed into eternity without making that choice. Your testimony inspires me to seek Father as to “how,”…especially as I’m sensing another season much like it coming again. Thank you.

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