Mark Kuo – backup page

A celebration of Mark’s life

Saturday 9th June 2018

4pm UK time (8am Pacific, 11am Eastern)

This is a backup page in case of any problem with our main website on the day.

Marijke is putting together a slide show of photos with some background music which you will be able to see below from approximately 20 minutes before the advertised start time.

If you see a video player window, click the ‘play’ symbol.
If you see a link to please click the link.

Please use this to check that you have both sound and vision.
If you experience any issues please email (before or even during the event) and I will do my best to help get you connected.


Shortly after the event finishes we will add the mp4 video recording. You will be able to stream or download it and we expect it to remain available at indefinitely.