Destiny is the overall title of a trilogy of teaching series originally presented by Mike Parsons at Freedom Church in late 2013. It is made up of three mini-series, Destiny – Identity, Destiny – Redemptive Gifts and Discovering Destiny.

Blog posts

Those mini-series form the basis for the current series of blog posts. To read the posts in sequence, please click on the first in the series below. When you have read it, scroll back to the top and follow the ‘Next’ link at the top right of each post. If you cannot locate the ‘Next’ link (it is not in the most obvious place) then you can click on each of the individual links below:

Destiny – Identity

Destiny – Redemptive Gifts

Discovering Destiny

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More posts will be added here as the series continues.

Original audio downloads

The three original audio series are available for purchase on our website:

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