Restoration of All Things (blog series)

Once we begin to strip away layers of misunderstanding built up over centuries and encounter God as He really is, we get to understand more about ourselves and how we fit into His plans.

In this blog series we embark on a journey to discover the full meaning of ‘the restoration of all things’ (Acts 3:21) and whether we might have to play in that restoration as the ‘sons of God’ for whom creation is longing…

The last three posts of the previous series, New for Old, are effectively an introduction to The Restoration of All Things.

This series is now complete.

Note: ‘The Restoration of All Things’ was also the title of an event at the Freedom Centre in June 2019. Mike was joined by Nancy Coen, Lindy Strong and Justin Paul Abraham and each of them shared their own unique perspective on this topic. Recordings are available.

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