The Ever-Increasing Kingdom – Eschatology


It is critical for the church to grasp what the future looks like. Let’s not allow poor eschatology to rob us of our destiny!

Mike has written and spoken extensively about subjects including the Great Tribulation, the ‘rapture of the saints’, and the millennial kingdom. Many find his teaching a challenge to traditional (and often entrenched) viewpoints.

On the blog, these posts form part of the series on the Prophetic Timetable, and there are three Supernatural Mentoring hangouts dealing with this too (see below).

The teaching in the blog posts dates from 2011/12, and reflects Mike’s revelation and understanding at that time. The YouTube clips are more recent but the same applies. If you do not have opportunity to read and listen to all this, the Atlanta hangout is the most essential and the Burning Ones session directly addresses issues raised in ‘Vision Destiny 2015’.

Mike’s position on any particular issue is always open to God’s further revelation, as he continues to allow Him to renew his mind! The most recently released YouTube videos and the ‘Mike’s latest teaching’ audio o our main website will always reflect the most up-to-date revelation He has received.

YouTube mentoring hangouts

Blog posts

The blog posts are listed here. You can begin by clicking on the first in the series, and when you have read it, scroll back to the top of the post and follow the ‘Next’ link towards the very bottom of the page (below the comments). You can do the same with each subsequent post. If you cannot locate those links you can click on each of the individual titles below instead (each link will open in a new tab or window, leaving this page open in the background):

Other authors

Please note: inclusion here does not imply that we agree with all the opinions, writings or conclusions of the authors.

The first edition of Jonathan Welton‘s book Raptureless is a free download (also available in other languages, and you can also order the print and Kindle versions).

For a treatment of the book of Revelation, David Chilton‘s Days of Vengeance is available as a free PDF file at

For an overview of the various streams of thought and interpretation, check out Martin Scott‘s series of eschatology podcasts and notes.

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