Transformation is a key teaching series. The blog posts are free to access on this site (scroll down for details).

For Mike’s full treatment of this topic, the 20-part Transformation audio series (with PDF slides) is available to purchase from our website. It is also included in module 1 of our subscription programme, ‘Engaging God‘.

Below is a YouTube video version of the first session in the teaching series.
All other sessions are audio only, with PDF notes.

Posts on this blog have been drawn from Mike’s teaching and notes, but he goes into very much more detail in the original sessions than can be covered here.

To read the posts in sequence, please click on the first in the series below. When you have read it, scroll to the very bottom of the page and follow the ‘NEXT’ link. If you cannot locate the ‘NEXT’ link  you can click on each of the individual links below:

  1. The Image Of Jesus
  2. Mercy: God’s Covenant Love
  3. Tadpoles and Caterpillars
  4. Pursue and Embrace
  5. The Fire of Transformation
  6. Beholding As In A Mirror
  7. Seeds, Roots and Fruit
  8. Information For Elevation – Trading
  9. Seven Trading Floors
  10. Heavenly Trading Floors (not part of the audio series)
  11. Iniquity, Transgression and Sin
  12. Patterns of Iniquity
  13. Occupying Our Inheritance
  14. Heaven Around Us, Heaven Within Us
  15. No Spot or Wrinkle
  16. Sealed Up Until the End of Time
  17. Divine Nature Assimilated
  18. Eat This Bread, Live For Ever
  19. Not Of This Creation
  20. The Judgment Seat of Christ


Transformation sq

Check out Mike’s 20-part Transformation audio mp3 series (with PDF slides).

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