Why ‘Sons Of Issachar’?

You can find the Sons of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32 (if you do some homework, you will find them mentioned by name elsewhere too). Sue Davies prophesied over Freedom Church that we would be like the Sons of Issachar, and they demonstrated two specific characteristics that are mentioned in this scripture: they understood the times and they knew what Israel should do.

In their day, Saul had been killed in battle and David was on the way to replacing him as king of Israel. Issachar’s descendants saw how things were going and switched their allegiance to him. The old order had passed away, and a new one had begun. They knew that it was God’s timing to make David king. In verse 38 it says that those who came to join David ‘came to Hebron fully determined to make David king over all Israel. All the rest of the Israelites were also of one mind to make David king’.

In our day, it is time to decide who will have our allegiance. God has anointed Jesus (that’s what ‘Christ’ means) but there is a sense in which we need to be fully determined to make him king. So let us seek to look afresh at prophecy; let us look for new understanding of God’s plans and purposes; let us be aware of all that God is actually doing in our day; and let us look to get revelation from Him about what we need to do to co-operate with Him (as individuals, and as the ekklesia – a word we prefer to church because church as we know it bears little resemblance to what Jesus promised to build).

Which is really what this blog and the Engaging God programme (see below) are all about.

– Jeremy

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15 thoughts on “Why ‘Sons Of Issachar’?”

  1. Mike or Jeremy:
    Whenever I access the blog and study, the presence of the Lord is awesome. Sometimes the angelic or other spiritual activity around me is like a frenzy of encouragement. Thanks for the clear teaching. I’m definitely gonna catchup on the shared Youtube files. Sure would like to meet you guys sometime.
    Jim Wells

  2. Hello Mike, is there a place you would recommend for someone just starting to assimilate this teaching? I am new to your blog and it seems pretty different and I would appreciate a start point if possible.

    1. Hi Rikk,

      Thank you for your message. Please excuse us if I respond on Mike’s behalf.
      We often suggest starting with Mike’s YouTube video ‘Exercises How To Enter The Spiritual Realm and Interact with God’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAIMVmC7oNc

      If you are looking for a starting place on the blog, you can follow the teaching series in order by going to https://freedomarc.wordpress.com/teaching-series/

      But to get the basics established in your life, and then move on into both experiencing God and representing Him fully, the Engaging God programme is what you are looking for. There is a £5 a month fee for this, but you do get access to a number of audio teaching series, support from others pursuing the same journey, and a certain amount of input at group level from Mike himself. You can find the details at http://freedomtrust.org.uk/AR/?page_id=2339

      Be Blessed


  3. Totally resonate with and celebrate all you’ve posted! We’re ‘Restoration Blueprint, reviving lives restoring destiny’, a team ministry based in Somerset, ministering in the UK, Ireland and Malawi. (website needs updating, now ‘mothering and fathering’ in the nations) Great to ‘meet’ you!

    1. You too! Thank you for your kind comments. We’re in Barnstaple so almost next door neighbours – where in Somerset are you? I have only skimmed your website and blog posts but already I sense we have a great deal in common. Looking forward to getting to know you more – Jeremy

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