4. The Power Source That Runs The Universe

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott

‘For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible’.  (Col 1:16).

So that is (1) everything we see, and (2) everything we can’t see of this visible realm (because this visible realm is made up of mostly invisible stuff), and (3) the invisible realms that we can’t see, all of it was created by Jesus. That scripture continues, ‘He is before all things…’ Now, ‘before’ can be interpreted in two different ways, referring to space or to time. It can mean ‘in front of’ as well as ‘earlier than’. The reality is, Jesus is ‘before all things’:  before every thing and all time, past, present and future. He is connected to the future things: and because of that he is our connection to the future things. In Him, we are connected to the “before” spiritual realm. The spiritual realm operates faster than the speed of light as we know it here, and we will look some more at that next time. Because it does operate faster than the speed of light, it is beyond our time and operates outside of our timeframe. So everything is always ‘before’ for Jesus.

‘…And in Him all things hold together’(v17). The spiritual realm provides all the energy for this natural realm to exist: we only exist because Jesus holds all things together. If he didn’t, we would just not exist.  Another verse says he holds it all together by the word of his power (Heb 1:3).

Scientists have proven that, in the realm that they can’t see, there’s enough energy in one sugar cube volume of vacuum space to power the whole universe billions of times over. They call it ‘Zero Point Energy’. Google it and you will find all sorts of information, but it actually demonstrates how our world is being powered from the spiritual realm. That is the omnipotence of God. God is an all-powerful God, He is the power that is keeping this universe in place, and we can be connected to that power source.

The zero-point energy E=ħω/2 causes the ground-state of an harmonic oscillator to advance its phase (color).

The spiritual realm is the real realm. The natural realm will always give precedence to the spiritual realm because God is Spirit, we are spirit. Jesus has a spiritual body, and we will get a new spiritual body one day in the future.

But we are spiritual beings, and we can be connected to that spiritual realm here and now.

Animated image (.gif) attribution: “QHO-groundstate-animation-color” by Geek3 – Own work. This graphic was created with matplotlib.. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons – https://goo.gl/HjjHE0

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