11. Authority, Power and Glory

Mike Parsons  

bright small sizeWe have to get ready and be prepared because the spiritual warfare which has been hidden is going to become more open and obvious. The meaning of the word ‘occult’ is just ‘hidden’ – spiritual warfare has been largely hidden in the western world – but as we have said before, soon the enemy’s schemes that are hidden are going to be exposed, and it is our light that is going to expose them.


If you go to Africa, or Brazil, or many places in the developing world where spiritual things are really open, you will see manifestations you would not see if we cast out a demon here. We may get a bit of screaming or wriggling, we do not get transformation into werewolves or snakes or other things; I am talking about actual physical transformation.

I ministered up in the Amazon jungle in Brazil, and we started praying for a girl who began to spin like a top, faster than was naturally possible. We couldn’t see her, she was spinning so fast. We were all amazed, thinking ‘What is this?’ But anyway, we told it to get out and it left (you really do not need to be frightened of this kind of thing because we have the authority in Jesus, and we have the power over demonic powers to cast them out in Jesus’ name).

I know many people who have ministered in Africa, who have seen stranger things than this. When Todd Bentley ministered there they had a big pit they called the ‘Snake Pit’ at the front, lined with people who ministered, and anyone who began to manifest in the meetings was put in that pit. I am not going to tell you what went on in there, it would blow most people’s minds. The open power of the demonic is common in those countries: witch doctors operate in those kinds of abilities, and they really can do things which western people cannot even conceive of.

Light is going to shine

Today it is hidden here, but it is going to become more open, because the light is going to shine brighter and brighter. The world may get darker and darker, but the light is going to shine. God is going to expose the darkness that is going on in this nation. Those things that are currently hidden will not be able to hide any longer when the light starts to really shine. And it is going to start to shine.

We will be casting demons out of people on the street and in the supermarket and in other public places because the power of God will expose the demonic. When you walk around in the power of God and the glory of God, and the Holy Spirit is so strong in you, you will bring conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment (John 16) and people cannot walk past you without either running or getting on their knees in repentance. That time is going to come: we must start resonating with the voice of God from heaven, start receiving that light, shining with that light, and operating in that light.

Adam was glorious in the Garden of Eden. I will go into this more next time: he didn’t look the way we do now, the glory of God clothed him on the outside. He shone. And God intends to restore that glory to us.

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