181. Eat This Bread, Live For Ever

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott

What is man that You take thought of him,
And the son of man that You care for him?
Yet You have made him a little lower than God,
And You crown (surround) him with glory and majesty!
You make him to rule over the works of Your hands;
You have put all things under his feet,
(Psalm 8:4-6).

It has always been God’s intention to have a people who would rule over the planet – and the universe – on His behalf. Man was to begin with the garden God made for him, and then go on to fill the rest of creation with the image and likeness of God. What was in heaven would be manifested on earth, and we would bring that rule of heaven to earth through our lives. We are made in the image of God, and are to be conformed to the likeness of Jesus.


The word ‘likeness’ means ‘to resemble’, and the Greek word is ‘icon’. We are familiar with that word in the context of computers and smartphones: the icon is not the program, but it is a representation of the program, and when you click on it, you engage with the program it represents. When people interact with us, that interaction should reveal the true nature of God Himself, and provide a means for people to engage with HIm.

Rebellion and sin distort and fragment the image of God, so that we do not represent Him effectively. But He desires to restore us and conform us back into His image.

DNA of God

Adam was a spirit light being, made in the image of God, and originally had 3 strands of DNA (the third strand being a strand of light, restored when we are born again). The DNA of God is His intrinsic spirit nature encoded in light. God has 3 x 3 strands of DNA (3 for the Father, 3 for Jesus, and 3 for the Holy Spirit), making 9 strands of light DNA.

The Father’s DNA strands are Grace, Justice and Judgment (Psa 33:5),
reflected in us in three fruit of the Spirit: love, joy and peace (Gal 5.22).

Jesus’ DNA strands are the Way, Truth and Life (John 14:6),
patience, kindness, and goodness.

The Holy Spirit’s DNA strands are Righteousness, Peace and Joy (Rom 14:17),
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

The 9 stones which covered Lucifer’s body [Ezek 28:13] reflected the 9 light strands of God’s DNA. As light-bearer, he reflected the nature of God out into the whole universe. When he fell, the universe was deprived of all that light. Perhaps that is why 70% of the mass of the universe is so-called ‘dark matter’.

Twelve stones

Lucifer had 9, but the High Priest’s ephod had 12 stones: 3 stones representing the 3 strands of human DNA now added to the 9 light strands of God’s DNA.

The stones were arranged in a pattern, 3×4. 3 is the number of Kingdom government, and 4 is a doorway, portal or opening. When our DNA is joined to God’s DNA, it creates openings for the Father, Son and Spirit to manifest through us on the earth, so that people can gain a full understanding of who God is. Our DNA needs to be restored to its original condition, to the eternal image and abilities we should have.

Joined to the Lord

And 4 + 3 = 7, the number of perfection, where earth and heaven are joined.

But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him (1 Cor 6:17).

We can be joined to God genetically, His DNA entwined with ours; we can be transformed genetically, and be one spirit. This scripture speaks of an intimate relationship with God – beyond anything we can fully understand, but which God wants us to experience.

We can be baptised (immersed, filled) in the River of Life to experience the DNA of Jesus; in the River of Grace to experience the DNA of the Spirit; and in the River of Glory to experience the DNA of the Father.

Search me, O God

Search me thoroughly, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts; And see if there be any hurtful way in me, And lead me in the everlasting way (Psa 139:23-24).

When we ask, He will show us; and we will see our life reflected in the mirror of truth. Let’s not run from what we see; instead, let’s run to Him and embrace the transforming process He wants to bring about.

Eat this bread, live for ever


When we break bread, we apply the body and blood of Jesus to deal with these things. We take the body and blood of Jesus and eat it, applying life to our marrow (the source of life within our bones), and speaking words of life to accompany it.

We have previously shared the Communion Prayer we use here at Freedom Church, and we will add it to the end of this post too.

For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day (John 6:40).

Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and they died. This is the bread which comes down out of heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die. I am the living bread that came down out of heaven; if anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread also which I will give for the life of the world is My flesh (John 6:49-51).

There is a difference between eternal life and living for ever. The only reason I would die is if there is a record of sin within my DNA. I do not need to die, and neither do you. But we do need to undergo transformation by applying the body and blood of Jesus. Ian Clayton has met someone who is over 300 years old, still alive, but transformed and transfigured; translucent and shining. There are others too, and they do not look like you and me.

The body and blood of Jesus carry the record of the DNA of God. We can age and die, or we can take the body and blood of Jesus within ourselves, and live for ever.

So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in yourselves. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. For My flesh is true food, and My blood is true drink. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him. As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who eats Me, he also will live because of Me. This is the bread which came down out of heaven; not as the fathers ate and died; he who eats this bread will live forever (John 6:53-58).

Words: spirit and life

What then if you see the Son of Man ascending to where He was before? It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life (John 6:62-63).

We apply the words of Jesus, the words He speaks as the Living Word of God.

The valley of dry bones

Again He said to me, “Prophesy over these bones and say to them, ‘O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.’ Thus says the Lord God to these bones, ‘Behold, I will cause breath to enter you that you may come to life…’” I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they came to life and stood on their feet, an exceedingly great army (Ezek 37:4-5,10).

The breath did not enter a physical, flesh body.The very breath of God entered into the bones. In the middle of the bones is marrow, the source of life and the source of blood. We speak to our bones, that the breath would enter into our marrow and transform us.

We apply the body and blood of Jesus. We speak into our bones and marrow at the genetic level. We say, ‘be transformed into the image of Jesus; be genetically purified and transformed from one degree of glory to another; be transfigured and radiate glory’.

Whenever we eat, whenever we drink, we can take it as the body and blood of Jesus. With the words that are spirit and life, speaking to our marrow; we apply the DNA of God to transform our DNA into the eternal image of God that is our destiny.

Let’s do this regularly, every day if we possibly can, because there is awesome power in it.

Applying the body and blood of Jesus

I engage in the DNA of God
I embrace the transforming power of the body and blood of Jesus

I engage the record containing the light, sound and frequency of God’s image
I embrace the record of the dimensions of the kingdom released in my body by the DNA of God

I engage that DNA record and apply it to my bones
I speak to my marrow and command it to live
I apply the frequency of DNA to transform me into the image of Jesus
Transform every genetic record, re-sequence my DNA into alignment

I apply the blood of Jesus to transform all impure genetic material – be transformed
I apply the blood of Jesus to all iniquitous genetic patterns – be cleansed

I call all my genetic material to resonate with the DNA of God
and come into alignment with my eternal image
I choose to bear the image of my Father in heaven
I choose to bear the image of my Brother in heaven

Let the breath of God be breathed into my life, transforming me into a living being,
joined to the Lord and one spirit with Him

I speak creative words to my DNA to release the supernatural abilities of God
I trigger the ability to see in the realm of the kingdom
I trigger the ability to move in the realm of the kingdom
I trigger the ability to transform matter

[You can download a printable version of this prayer by selecting ‘Communion Prayer’ in the main menu, or click here].

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27 thoughts on “181. Eat This Bread, Live For Ever”

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering where the Biblical citations are for the following:
    – the body of Lucifer
    – the stones that covered Lucifer’s body
    – the DNA of God (I didn’t know spirits needed DNA)
    – Adam’s 3rd DNA strand
    – “And 4 + 3 = 7, the number of perfection, where earth and heaven are joined.” (citation needed concerning heaven and earth being joined)

    – “We can be joined to God genetically, His DNA entwined with ours; we can be transformed genetically, and be one spirit.”
    With no mention of God’s DNA in the Bible, how does it become entwined with ours? How do spirits have DNA?

    I’m sorry, this just all sounds a lot like the teaching of transhumanism, NOT the gospel of Christ.

  2. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    Fascinating ideas here marry science to the ancient concept of ‘trans-substantiation’ (bread and wine become Christ’s body and blood). They lead to the inescapable conclusion that in absorbing Jesus’ DNA we receive not only His Father’s DNA but also His mother’s DNA – a Jewish virgin! (Thus taking Romans 11 to a deeper level.) Therefore, anti-Semitism should have absolutely no place within those in Christ! Thank you Mike.

  3. Dear Mike Parsons,  I would love to know if there is a bottom line in all of this – a simple way.  I read so much and my brain becomes frazzled with information.  Please, please show me simple steps to move on in these things.  I want them so much, but I cannot contain all the information.  For people like myself there must be a simple way.  All I hear is practise, practise, practise.  I have had a go over the past couple of years, but with no success.  My husband is not a Christian, so I am limited to the amount of time I can give.  I take hope in the fact that apparently God is speeding things up. God bless, I hope you receive this Patricia Elliott

    1. Hey I know you asked for Mike Parsons but I just wanted to say don’t give up. It can be dismaying ( I know it’s not a word) to not understand. Keep at it and keep giving your heart to Him. This is not meant to be the response you asked for. I hope you do get an answer from those with more experience. I know I am on this path diving in and have had some dying going on and it can be frustrating as I pray in tongues for a while and seem to see no revelation on the gateways. I only mention that to tell you you are not the only one. I know there are others as well. Everything seems to start with a loving time with Him. I pray you are able to have that time and for encouragement. Again I hope you get the answers you are desiring from others that are directly from God and pray for His blessings on your life.

    2. Dear Patricia, i tried to send a comment or two to you, but it seems to have vanished. The gist of it was this: Seek to know the Father, and His heart for His children, and everything else will spring out of that desire. It was the best advice I could ever have been given.
      Bless you

    3. Hi Patricia,

      I see that others have responded in a positive and encouraging way.

      I’m sorry, I am sure you will understand that we are now at a point where Mike is unable to reply to individual comments himself, so please excuse us that as co-author of the blog posts I reply on his behalf.

      God is certainly speeding things up, but we understand how it can be frustrating when we don’t make the progress we would like. Mike suggests that the simplest approach is outlined in his series ‘Supernatural Workshops 2012’. You can find a video of the first two-hour session free of charge on his YouTube channel – here is the direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAIMVmC7oNc

      This should give you the basics to work on, but as you have heard, practice really is key…

      Every blessing


    4. I realize this was posted a few months ago but thought I would still comment either way.
      1 Corinthians 13:1-7 KJV (1) Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity (love), I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. (2) And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity (love), I am nothing. (3) And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity (love), it profiteth me nothing. (4) Charity (Love) suffereth long, and is kind; charity (love) envieth not; charity (love) vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, (5) Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; (6) Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; (7) Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

      The gospel and truth of our salvation is not made to be complicated. It is simple; believing Christ, that He died for our sins and rose from the dead, repenting, and accepting Him to take our lives into His hands. To spread the gospel and to spread the same love that He shares with us. He is with us and will never leave us as long as we are seeking Him. All He wants is a relationship with us and anything else in this life is trivial when it comes to Christ. We don’t have to do anything fancy or understand anything crazy except that a Heavenly Father loves us so much he sent his Son to die for our sins.

  4. I am so glad thankful encouraged by all the responses. I just had to let go and realize it’s okay.

    I told my wife last night about how I feel like what I believe about these issues, and others, was changing. Found out she had watched thief in the night at a Christian school when she was young, dealt with fear and nightmares for awhile and then didn’t want to know about it anymore. She had never told anyone.

    I will read that ebook thank you for the reference I am looking forward to it. These responses mean so much and I will look at the YouTube video. I am all in this. So encouraged to see others also who are too! The only thing I deal with still is having confirmation about what I experience in heaven if it’s God because sometimes I hit realms that don’t seem good. But I will keep digging in the word and have to trust that God will show me. Thanks again to everyone who responded it gave me joy.

    1. Dear Matthew
      I have been thinking about you today, and wondered if you might like to take a look at Ian Clayton’s manuel on Gateways of the Three-fold Nature of Man ( spirit, soul, body.) You can take a look at it on Son of Thunder website, and download it. I am finding it enormously helpful in clearing out a load of junk i didn’t even know was there. We have to get our gates open for His Glory to flow through.
      Jehovah Shalom

      1. Thanks Carol. I couldn’t find the link but I used to have it. I have been working on the gateways since I read about them again on this blog. This is an encouragement to really restore the forge on this as it has been hard to lately with work committments and family. I had so much time to spend learning and praying while I had the flu that it really transformed me. This has given me the courage to try again at it. I’m so excited. I’ve started listening to Ian clayton on the way home from work. I think someone close to the condominium where I live thought I was crazy shouting and praying in my car yesterday 🙂 I got a funny look which I understood but I prayed he would one day see the reality of what I’m pressing into. Hope your doing well too Carol, thanks again.

        1. Dear Matthew
          I am so excited too. I have been working on this for 5 years now, and I confess to feeling ashamed that as an older woman (70, but feel about 21), I have not laid down a clear pathway for the younger ones to follow. Ian’s teaching on Exodus 24, and Abraham in the Stars is breathtaking. We have got to understand Heaven’s Blueprint and land that on earth. He mentioned during a conference here in England,a book by an English linguist and brilliant scholar, Frances Rolleston, called Mazzaroth. She researched the stars and the written record there. The book was thrown out by the church as occultic in 1860, and was then gleefully taken up by the dark side.That is where we must rule from,but we have left it alone, as the church said you can’t go there. I have a copy of it, and although written in Jane Austen style, and not so easy to read, is an incredible work.
          I have not as yet seen Heaven and walked there as others like Ian, Kat Kerr, Jason Westerfield, have done, but I step in each day by faith. I long pondered Judges 5,6 where the stars aided Deborah and Barak, and Psalm 19, and finally got answers when i spoke to Ian Clayton.
          I go into Heavens Courts by faith, and have seen results from doing that, which have encouraged me as i quietly watched to see what would happen.
          I do understand about time and family, and how busy you are. I have 7 children and 15 grandkids. One of my daughters and her husband and 3 small children came to live with me 2 years ago, and i am finding that a couple of hours at night are all I can manage right now, and it is amazing what I can cram into that time. We have to live outside of the constraints of time, in another dimension, and not be under its dominion.
          You have a great destiny and birthright. You wouldn’t be looking into these things if you were not going to lead in this new season. You are a king.
          Don’t feel any pressure to reply, only when you want to.

      2. Hey Carol you still come up in my thoughts I hope you get this. I got that book you told me( on kindle) the same day, it was wonderful. I love looking at stuff like that. Really much more interesting to see the lineage from Adam, Jacobs blessing, Moses blessing, and others. And I’ve always loved astronomy anyway.
        I’ve been very encouraged but I think I need to catch my breath for a second here. I really hope you are doing well and your family. Thanks for your testimony about the courts I am needing that. Blessings,

        1. Dear Matthew
          I got the book as soon as Ian mentioned it, and find the scholarship quite extraordinary. Every page could occupy many hours of study. Some years ago a wonderful intercessor from Houston, Texas put me onto the written record God placed in the stars, and going into the Court Room in Heaven and presenting a case there. When my husband was still here with me we did a lot of research on the real history of the British Isles, which took us far back to a time when the land was dedicated to the ” Queen of Heaven ” by Brutus of Troy. We stood on the very place, and presented a case in Heaven. We knew very little really, and years later after David went Home, I met Ian Clayton, who really opened the eyes of my understanding of first creation, second creation and what we are really dealing with, and where we have to govern from.
          Tomorrow, 24th February, the scrolls of the nations are presented in the Council Chamber of Heaven for Judgement for 70 days, followed by 70 days of Justice, 70 days of mercy and 70 days of grace. Watch what happens.
          God Bless you and your precious family.

  5. Matthew, I am not affiliated with this site, just perusing it and read your comment. We’ll see if this comment even gets approved and posted. I think it’s great you’re asking questions and seeking, and I’m glad you’re being exposed to new ideas and teachings. Did you know that repentance literally has to do with a change of mind and belief in accordance with new revelation? That’s what repentance is, and maybe for the first time as a believer you are starting to do so.

    Every answer you get, every new idea, will raise new questions. It’s a path that doesn’t end, or an object with infinite sides to see, and that’s a good thing. I can’t answer all your questions fully, but be patient and in due time if you seek, the spirit will reveal, to you directly or through another. Listen to those who God has gifted to be eyes and ears of t he body, and let the spirit within you (not your mind or accumulated doctrines and understandings) test things. The true gospel is about the kingdom of God, not about salvation or heaven/hell, and just seeing that alone opens up many new avenues. God bless you, and keep seeking, it’s ok : )

  6. I don’t know who checks these comments but I was looking for some help. Within the past month have been reading these blogs voraciously. Hungry. I got toward the end of the prophetic timetable series. Trying to understand; it’s a painful paradigm shift and it’s hard to have assurance. I grew up Southern Baptist, always taught pretribulational rapture. I eventually felt nothing made sense and didn’t know what I believed. Literally raised on left behind books and even movies like them that showed those left behind – guillotine and all – as a very young child maybe made in the 70s? Scared me. Stayed up many long nights afraid I was going to be left behind as a child. Afraid I could somehow slip and get the mark of the beast and be damned. This is the first time I have read more. I am praying for help to understand. Spent time meditating on Mark 13. I just had a couple questions about this as the entire meaning of so many Scriptures seems to be changing. I found it hardest to believe the sign of the Son of Man being a spiritual thing while other things seem more literal. Also, if it is as the days of Noah, wasn’t that time period where the whole earth was corrupt instead of the whole earth being renewed and the kingdom being established? If Jesus only returns when every promise is fulfilled and the kingdom covering the earth, how can people be taken unaware at His coming? It will be right there. Also, how can Jesus return happen at any time if we are still far away from the restoration of all things? Why does Paul talk about Satan hindering him and coming as angel of light if Satan is already bound? Hopefully someone can help I just want to understand and believe.

    1. Dear Matthew
      Thank you for your honesty. I gave my heart to the Lord when i was 16, in 1961. The first Bibly study I went too, after i found out what a Bible study was, was on Revelation 17. I was fascinated by it all, and fully expected Christ to return any moment, and after marriage, taught my children the same thing. They tell me now that they were terrifed after watching the movie Thief in the Night.
      It was all we knew at the time as we immersed ourselves in the Rapture message, and sought desperately to bring others into the Kingdom. Not much worked really, we never saw the changes wo ought to have seen, if all nights of prayer, street witnessing, childrens evangelism fasting were what was needed.
      In 2009, a son of God called Ian Clayton visited Cardiff in Wales. Some Irish intercessors were there and sent me the 31 Cd’s recorded there and in Manchester. I learned more listening to Ian that i had learned in all the years of being a christian. Going too and fro as an intercessor brought many a mauling, and i had to turned right around and start to learn about going up and down and into the Courts of Heaven.
      I have since found out that the Rapture heresy arrived about the same time as Evolution.
      Ian is a great friend of Mike Parsons. His ministry is called Son of Thunder, and you can get the most wonderful treasure you could never imagine about what the Bible really says from the Hebrew language. Start with one thing and work at it. I spend many hours day after day, listening undoing stuff, learning from genesis 1 what really went on.
      We have lived on dry bread in the church. No wonder that when the blueprints of Heaven are landed globally, evrything is going to change dramatically and WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. Thank God for that.
      Bless you

    2. Hi Matthew.

      Please excuse me for not replying sooner. I am the admin of this site, co-author of these posts together with Mike Parsons, and I completely endorse the comments left by Carol and firstthekingdom.

      I understand very well the process you are going through. Although I will give you answers to some of your questions, I must advise you that once you begin to challenge long-held beliefs and doctrines, the questions will come thick and fast – and to be honest, other people’s answers just do not cut it. After all, it is ‘other people’s answers’ that you are now beginning to challenge.

      I have found that the more I see things from a ‘raptureless’ viewpoint, the more of the ‘end of days’ scriptures I see as applying to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman armies in AD70 rather than to a still-future event.

      So, briefly, some answers. Satan is to be released after ‘a thousand years’ of being chained, which is why those days will be like the days of Noah. We don’t know how far away we are from ‘the restoration of all things’, though we sense a speeding up and a quantum leap of revelation in our time. The ‘not being taken unaware at His coming’ is one of those things I see happened in AD70, when Josephus tells us that all the Christians left Jerusalem.

      I guarantee you have more questions already.

      Above all, at this time, I would encourage you to nurture (and learn to trust in) your relationship with God, and begin to engage with Him in the realms of heaven (if you want to learn how to engage God in the realms of heaven, check out https://freedomarc.wordpress.com/my-journey-to-see-in-the-spirit/ – we talk about it a great deal in the posts on this blog). Ask Him your questions, rather than worry about them. Engage your spirit, rather than your mind: and spend time in meditation, rather than in ‘traditional’ study.

      As you see, there are others walking this path with you, and you can be sure some of them will respond with encouragement and sensitivity, even if they don’t have the answers you are looking for.

      We recommend Jonathan Welton’s book ‘Raptureless’ which you can read online at http://raptureless.com/book/index.php

      And if you are on Facebook, you will find people with this perspective on Jonathan’s ‘An Optimistic End Time view’ Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/optimisticendtimes/

      Be blessed,


      1. Hello, Jeremy,
        So do you mean Satan was to be released after a thousand years from the 70 AD event?
        Can you explain this a little more for me?
        Thank you!

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