223. Frequencies of Heaven – Redemptive Gifts (7)

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott – 

Each of the redemptive gifts resonates with a colour and has a particular affinity with one of the seven spirits of God. He is opening up the realms of heaven for us to engage with those seven spirits who are there to tutor us and train us into sonship. [Please click the image to view it as a full-size PDF.]


Prophet – Red – Spirit of the Lord
Servant – Orange – Spirit of Wisdom
Teacher – Yellow – Spirit of Understanding
Exhorter – Green – Spirit of Counsel
Giver – Blue – Spirit of Might
Ruler – Indigo – Spirit of Knowledge
Mercy – Violet – Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

Harmony of the senses

As our spirits become aware of the colours, frequencies and fragrances of heaven we can begin to apply them to affect things here on earth. There is an amazing harmony of all the senses in heaven that brings everything together into a oneness, enabling our whole being to engage with the realm of heaven as we begin to resonate with it. The song of our human DNA can be transformed so that it comes into agreement with the song of God’s original purpose for us, our spiritual identity. In the very core of our being there is something contending for us to come into our eternal alignment with who we are as spiritual beings of light, as sons of God on the earth.

The revelation is being released to the body of Christ today that colour, sound and fragrance are related and that certain frequencies can bring healing, that essential oils can bring healing. The New Age has received this revelation, whereas the church has generally rejected it; some in that community are using sound and light and frequency with some positive effects. But because they are generally operating in the power of the soul rather than in connection with the Source of life through the spirit, it can leave a tainted stain on the soul of those involved. When mature sons of God apply those same techniques, He uses them to touch us, bringing righteousness, justice, holiness, peace and joy into our lives, because it is bringing us back into alignment with who we really are. We need to embrace this, not reject it just because a particular group of people accept it and are using it in the only way they know how, apart from God.


Quantum physics 1.01: we would not exist unless something observed us (and there are various suggestions about who does the observing, but I think we can agree Who that is). This earthly realm is connected to the spiritual realm and the sound of God’s voice which brought it all into being is still vibrating throughout the whole of creation.

Our eyes and ears can only recognise a very tiny portion of the frequencies that exist all around us, but we know from experience that frequencies outside that range can affect us. If you are exposed to ultra-violet light, you will get sunburn. If you were exposed to gamma radiation, you might not exactly go green and turn into the Incredible Hulk, but it could change you at a genetic level. That is absolute scientific fact. What about all the other frequencies which will also affect us, change us and transform us if we are exposed to them? Our spirits can respond to frequencies that our physical eyes and ears cannot: we call it the voice of God.

When our musicians start playing, they are not just making sound. There is a connection with light and frequency and fragrance that God wants us to experience and come into. Our musicians here at Freedom have retuned to A=432Hz (elsewhere others have chosen A=444Hz) and the difference from the standard tuning of A=440Hz, though unnoticeable to the natural ear for most of us, can be picked up in our spirit. We immediately saw a whole shift in our level of spiritual engagement, in fact the band noticed the difference even on the first practice night with the new tuning.

We need to resonate with God. When He comes and starts to manifest His presence, we are supposed to come into agreement with Him. The Bible calls it unity, the power of agreement. We come together with Him, and it goes deeper than just the mind or the emotions, it goes right down to a genetic level, so that we are conformed to the image of Jesus.

Heavenly places

This may frazzle our natural understanding, but it all begins to make sense when we realise that God wants to reveal Himself to us, and that He wants our spirit to engage with Him spirit to spirit. In fact He is releasing revelation to enable us to engage with Him in every way, spirit, soul and body, so that we can be transformed and come into agreement with our destiny, with our true identity, with who He created us to be.

As we begin to do so, we will find we can be seated in the heavenly places, not just in theory but in reality. We can go to the heavenly courts and see righteousness and justice administered on earth as it is in heaven. It was always God’s intention that we would have access, in our spirit, to the realms of heaven, and manifest heaven on the earth. Those manifestations can come in various ways: justice bringing a change to circumstances, healing, deliverance, wholeness. There are sounds and frequencies that can bring healing and deliverance, setting people free from the bondages that hold them captive, and bringing them back into alignment with God’s purpose for their lives.

The brain

Arthur Burk, whose work on redemptive gifts has informed much of this series, has found that the 7 redemptive gifts relate to 7 particular areas of the brain:

Note: the colours on this image do NOT correspond to the colours associated with the redemptive gifts.

Prophet: Frontal Lobe
Servant: Parietal Lobe
Teacher: Temporal Lobe
Exhorter: Occipital Lobe
Giver: Cerebellum
Ruler: Brain Stem
Mercy: Basal Ganglia

He also carried out scientific studies using EEG and EAV machines on how the brain responds when spiritual events occur, including angelic and demonic activity. He literally watched (and recorded) as spiritual healing took place. He says:

“Try this experiment. Have someone call each portion of your spirit to the front and ask that portion if it is willing to go to the area of the brain that matches its design.

Ask it to visit both the right and the left hemisphere if that is appropriate (the first five areas)…

In the work we have done in the lab, we can identify with electronic equipment where there is an unclean presence in the brain (demon, AHS or stronghold) and the human spirit confirms the presence of defilement by being unwilling to go there” (Arthur Burk).

There is much more information about this in his Brain Renewal Blog.

More sevens

There are more relationships of sevens to the redemptive gifts, including warfare strategies (insight, platform, planning, initiating, mobilizing, completing, fulfilment), and basic instincts (contemplative, kingdom, student, experiential, aesthetic, activist, relational). You can pursue this whole topic on Arthur Burk’s YouTube channel and on his Sapphire Leadership Group website.

Jesus demonstrated all the gifts

All the redemptive gifts were present in Jesus’ life and ministry.

He showed us the heart of the prophet, He did not mince His words. He was the servant who washed His disciples’ feet. He was the one who taught from His life and unpacked His teachings with His disciples. He was the one who gave words of encouragement… “I will send a comforter in My place”. He showed us the greatest act of giving in laying down His life. He led by His example. He had mercy to heal the sick and deliver captives.

And we are being conformed to His image, transformed by the renewing of our minds. As we allow Him to change us, as maturity in the faith comes, we become conversant with all the redemptive gifts and appreciative of the way different people express them, because that is how Jesus was. Diversity is essential in the body of Christ, and particularly so now that we are beginning to glimpse the relational, organic nature of what church (ekklesia) is intended to be.


So let’s identify, honour, value and appreciate our own primary and secondary gifts. We can use the surveys (understanding that they are indicators, with flaws and limitations). We can look at the lists of characteristics and see which best describe us (and ask those who know us well what they see in us, too). We can look at what motivates our heart, what gifting matches our natural tendencies, and what the enemy has sought to deny us. Where do we come alive? Conversely (as an indication of what our gift is not), what kinds of things leave us feeling drained? Most important, what does our heavenly Father have to say about us? We can ask Him!

And equally, let’s identify, honour, value and appreciate the gifting of others so that we can operate together more effectively as God intends:

He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love (Eph 4:16 NLT).

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None of these surveys are 100% accurate. It is perfectly normal to obtain different results from them! Arthur Burk prefers not to use them at all. If you choose to do so, see which results you resonate with – and most importantly, always check everything out with the Father.

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Author: Freedom ARC

Freedom Apostolic Resource Centre, Barnstaple, UK.

8 thoughts on “223. Frequencies of Heaven – Redemptive Gifts (7)”

  1. Mike.bless you,I had two overwhelming encounters with the wind and fire (serephim?)when I first “had a go”in the mobile court for someone’s timeline and then some of my own junk.i was not using Ian’s stuff at that time,I was using print outs of your interpretions of that stuff and think there must of been some serious anointing on it.so thanks.Question:in light of Ian always exhorting us to stop engaging devil’s and start turning into the supply of heaven because warfare is done in court now,how do you feel about Arthur engaging so much weird stuff? I ask respectfully as I have practiced A LOT of both ,but wrestle with where to focus.

  2. Just followed the link to Arthur Burk, oh this one, I find very complicated, how he explained deliverance ministry and the strongholds in the brain. Do you use these technics? Greetings

    1. As a musician, late of band at Freedom, I`ll give my playing experience and then the historical context, although that may be up for conjecture since, in the 17 century, music was revolutionised by a new tuning method called Equal Temperament Tuning.This applied to all instruments but immediately tunable ones like the guitar or lute could still tune to A=432, or anything they liked provided they didn`t break the strings! First the experience. I tuned my guitar to A=432 for an experiment and thought I noticed a slightly more pleasing and relaxed sound ( the lower pitch may have something to do with that ) The problem for classical guitars is you don`t get quite so much volume and, perhaps more importantly, the strings being slacker, the guitar does not stay in tune so well.I haven`t tried it since I took up the steel string accoustic guitar so I will now. Now the context. It`s said by many that the frequency we use today A=440 only came about in the 20th century and fairly late in it at that. There is even a theory ( I don`t know how true it is ) that the Nazis in Germany imposed it on their musicians as it made people more aggressive. Before this ( even with Equal Temperament Tuning, which completely derestricts playing in any key you choose ), there may have been other different frequencies that people tuned to but I`m guessing that they were just slight amendments to the Equal Temperament Tuning to accomodate awkward or TEMPERAMENTAL ( ha ha ) instruments like the harpsichord.
      So after that longwinded answer all I can say is I Dont Know Why, exactly, it`s A=432. Parting shot, It seems it`s seen by some of those who champion it to be the frequency of the universe, which would make perfect sense I suppose.Blessings. Mick.
      P.S.There must be more knowledgeable musicians out there who could give you the answer. If it`s a spiritual thing we`ll need to get the answer from God as the guys in the band did.

      1. Thanks Mick and Rebecca.

        The Nazis did indeed support A=440 tuning, but they were not the first. In 1936 the American Standards Association recommended that the A above middle C be tuned to 440 Hz, and in 1939 Britain followed suit. A=440 is the standard, but in practice various orchestras around the world use different tunings, some so high that musicians have had to shave length off their woodwind instruments.

        The reason for mentioning that the band tuned down was that tuning actually makes a difference which we can pick up in the spirit. We chose to change tuning because we suspected that, and 432 was one of the options we had read about. The difference it made was so noticeable that we have kept it, but I for one would be amenable to the idea of trying 444 here to see what difference that makes. When I facilitate worship for our friends at Marketplace Ministries, Totnes, http://www.marketplaceministries.co.uk I already tune to 444 there because that’s what their musicians use, and they are also experiencing an open heaven.

        It’s not that 432 or 444 are ‘right’, in fact the introduction of equal temperament dislocated modern scales from the mathematically ‘correct’ tunings of ancient times.

        There’s a relatively unbiased article here about the history of tuning http://www.wam.hr/sadrzaj/us/Cavanagh_440Hz.pdf and you will find plenty of people arguing for their position if you google ‘440 tuning’ or variations on that theme.

        The underlying question is, what does heaven sound like? That, ultimately, has to be our benchmark.


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