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A new opportunity for community and mentoring.

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Hi everyone,

I have some very exciting news that I want to share with you.
We’re starting a Patreon page and we would like to invite you to partner with us.

Why Patreon?

Patreon has many benefits for us and many benefits for you, if you join up. You may ask, ‘Why Patreon, as you already have the Engaging God programme?’

Well, our Engaging God programme may be too intensive for many people – with 12 modules, over 400+ hours of video and audio content, perhaps taking several years to complete – not everyone can invest in that level of commitment to it.

Why now?

The Engaging God programme is mostly finished – I’m adding a few sessions here and there –  and having deconstructed church, I’m no longer teaching locally like I used to. I’m also not travelling or doing conferences at the moment. All that equals more time available for me to spend to be able to connect and share with people who are not already in the Engaging God programme, which already has mentoring as part of it.

Another more important reason is, the Father asked me to reach out to more people in different ways. I’ve still plenty to share and I love answering questions and mentoring people to help them engage God directly and fulfill their destiny.

Open to everybody

This Patreon opportunity is primarily aimed at our YouTube and Sons of Issachar blog followers but of course it’s open to everybody. So we’re making Patreon a less intensive option for those who would like to connect with us and partner with us in our restoration of all things mandate. We’re passionate about helping people – helping the sons of God – find and fulfill their destinies.

By supporting us on Patreon you can partner with us in taking the message of God’s unconditional love, limitless grace and triumphant mercy to a bigger global audience, helping us help the sons of God to arise and find their true identity and heavenly position – and their authority. This will also enable us to produce more, varied materials and media,  perhaps in more languages, to reach a wider audience with the real good news of who God truly is, unconditional love, so they can also experience His limitless grace and triumphant mercy.

Patreon funds are not going to me or any one individual but will help support our small team increase our capacity to share the message that God is love. Our goal is to help the sons of God to arise as the Joshua generation and be equipped and ready to mentor the next generation in sonship.

Freedom Community Alliance

Also, by supporting us on Patreon, you can help us in our local work to help disadvantaged people. We have a therapeutic community (which is a rehabilitation program to help people with addiction issues); we have housing for 50 plus vulnerable people; and a day centre to help the homeless and others in crisis or need.

Three tiers

The benefits of being a Patreon member for you are dependent on which tier you’d like to join. There are three tiers:

Monthly Zoom Plus

All tiers will be able to join a monthly live Zoom gathering, where I will share, lead activations and be open for Q&A.

There will be five or more new videos each month where I’m sharing and talking about some hot topics and answering questions: these will also be available to all three tiers, and there’s no limit to the number of people in the first tier.

Ask Mike

The second tier will be limited to 30 people only. Each will be able to ask me a monthly private question, either written, audio or video, to which I will reply in a private video message.
There’ll also be some bonus teaching sessions within the second tier.


In the third tier, this will be limited to only 10 people and each person will be able to have a monthly one-to-one zoom mentoring session with me. This is something people have been asking for for quite a long time.

A top-tier supporter, if they wish,  can also create a private group. In that private group they can engage with me and maybe up to 10 people, 12 people, who who are also bottom tier supporters; so that each group can meet with me monthly. This can be variable – some people can meet

individually one month or meet as a group another month – and they’ll be responsible for creating that group. But we want to reach as many people in a more intimate, personal way. None of these things will be obviously public they will be very private, for those who are signing up to that group.


Now I’m really excited about actively connecting with more people; and this is an opportunity I believe that God has given for people to connect with me or with our materials for what we’re doing, and support us in the mission that we have in a global sense.

The three tiers are priced at £5, £10 and £50 GBP (plus VAT) per month – that is £6, £12 and £60 inclusive of VAT – we don’t want to make this out of people’s price range.

I’m really looking forward to connecting with more like-minded people to share this amazing journey with God. Having brought us to this amazing place,  we have so much to share and we have so much to interact with with each other, coming into oneness and in union of heart and mind and purpose with the Father. It’s just a really exciting time.

Now we’re launching our Patreon page in early March but the first payment will not be until 1st April, whenever you sign up.

The second and third tiers will probably fill up quite quickly so I’d encourage you not to delay, it’s first come first served in those groups.

The first Zoom gatherings and personal mentoring sessions will then begin in April.

Sons of Issachar

So I’m really looking forward to meeting and sharing with more of you; and you know, we have 15000+ YouTube followers and I have 5000+ Facebook friends – I don’t know that many of you, and I would like to get to know more people and to engage at a more personal level.

You can find us on Patreon at patreon.com/freedomarc

I really, really am looking forward to engaging with you and looking forward to everything that God’s doing in these days. So many things are happening, so many things are happening in the heavens; it’s such an exciting time for those who are called for a time such as this.

And I believe we are called, we are the sons of God: we can be like the sons of Issachar who understand the times and seasons that we’re living in and we’re fully able then to participate as co-heirs and co-creators in the Kingdom of God

So I look forward to gathering with you!

– Mike

Join us on Patreon: https://patreon.com/freedomarc

You make your first payment when you sign up. Patreon will then continue to collect your pledge each calendar month on (or as close as possible to) the same date until you cancel in your Patreon account.
Patreon does not allow us to cancel for you.

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