Preparing For Destiny

Preparing For Destiny is a key teaching series for those Engaging God on the Pathways of Relationship and Responsibility.

By far the most comprehensive treatment of this subject is Mike’s 12-part audio series of the same name, which Engaging God subscribers will find in module 3 of the interactive website. If you are not a subscriber to Engaging God, you can purchase the audio (with PowerPoint/PDF slides) from our Freedom Apostolic Resources website. However, if you prefer your teaching in written form, substantial extracts of it appear in edited form on this blog.

You should be able to click on the first in the series below, and then read the posts in order by following the ‘Next’ link at the top right of each post, but if not, the individual links are all given below in sequential order:

  1. Preparing For Destiny
  2. A Shadow of Heaven
  3. Relationship and Responsibility
  4. Building A Strong Spirit
  5. Flesh vs Spirit
  6. The Seat of Government
  7. Thoughts and Intentions of the Heart
  8. Broken Cisterns Hold No Water
  9. From The Inside Out
  10. Gateways of the Spirit
  11. Aligning Gates
  12. Gateways of the Soul
  13. Our Need For God
  14. Own it, Repent of it, Renounce it
  15. Declarations For Transformation
  16. Pray Without Ceasing
  17. The Flesh Profits Nothing
  18. Present A Living Sacrifice (2)
  19. Beholding And Becoming
  20. Stepping Stones To Change
  21. Encountering Trials
  22. Consider It All Joy
  23. Present A Living Sacrifice (3) – practice
  24. Be still and know
  25. Seat of Rest
  26. Eye Of The Storm
  27. Abdicate and Serve
  28. Resources and Responsibilities
  29. I Have Called You Friends
  30. Grow Your Own
  31. A Plumbline, a Doorway and an Anchor
  32. Store, or shred?
  33. Manifesting His Presence
  34. A Flow of Spontaneous Revelation
  35. Your Word, Treasured in my Heart
  36. Our Defining Moment
  37. Familiar, But Dangerous
  38. Spheres of Influence
  39. Gateways Open, Flowing Freely

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