2. Fast: Connecting to the Realm of Heaven

Mike Parsons

cup-939479_640In June 2010 I went to a prophetic conference in Torquay, down on the south coast of Devon. God really impacted me and challenged me about experiencing His love and intimacy. He drew me into a place of intimacy, in which He called me to go on a 40 day fast.

I also received a prophetic word from Mike Bryant, and on the envelope he had written ‘Read this every day for six weeks’ (which is pretty much 40 days too). So I went into that fast seeking God for prophetic direction.

Prophetic word

Now I want to share just what that word was, and what God did:

‘A change is coming, and you cannot stop it, so be strong in my Spirit and the things I have shown you. Prepare the future and know that the harvest you long for is near. I am raising up those near you to stand with you. Look for the rainbow within your heart. Ascend where I am, where you are seated, a door will open for you. Prepare the future, ask of me and I will show you’.

I prayed over that several times a day. Now I already know that a change is coming: God is a God of change, and change for the good. I know that God wants us to prepare for a future harvest. I know that God wants to raise people up to work together as a team in ministry. But ‘look for the rainbow in my heart’? Well I didn’t know, but God showed me.

God opened the door

pablo (8)The first 20 days of that fast were really hard work; not physically, but spiritually. Basically I was being put on a cross and crucified of all the stuff of the flesh. But then in the next 20 days God opened the door into the heavenly realms and I had 78 different prophetic visions and encounters with God. These were direct encounters face to face with God, and he was speaking, revealing things, showing me things I had never seen before. Definitely, a door opened.

Quantum physics?

And that prophetic word says, ‘Prepare for the future, ask of me and I will show you’, so that’s what I did. I said, ‘God I want you to prepare me and the church for the future, so I’m asking, and I want you to show me’. And he showed me all sorts of stuff, some of it pretty way-out, which I wasn’t really prepared for. You know, I was happy to feel the love of God and experience God and be purified and refined and all that sort of thing. But when God started talking about quantum physics and quantum mechanics and how he created the universe, it was a challenge, because I was a biochemist not a physicist. Physics was not my favourite subject, I can tell you.

But God started speaking about light and the nature of light, about how light is particles but it is also waves. He talked about the nature of sound, about frequency and resonance, about what was going on in the heavenly realm (that is the spiritual realm), and how we need to connect up with that realm. He showed me that everything in the whole realm of quantum physics was only showing what the Bible was already saying, and I have shared some of that in the Quantum Vision series of talks. In this blog we will go a bit further with that and then I want to share with you some of the prophetic revelation that God gave me for the future.

Now I don’t do that lightly and it has taken me 6 months or more to get to the point where I’m prepared to share some of it, but I am going to share some of it in this series.

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22 thoughts on “2. Fast: Connecting to the Realm of Heaven

  1. Hello Mike! in your 40 days of fasting…did you do it as in absolute fast? no food and water? can an ordinary christian go on a 40 day fast without hearing from the Lord?

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  4. Your experiences send me back into my prayer closet and send me into worship. It is so exciting to hear the revelations that God is giving you and the places that He is taking you. I want more of God, so I love hearing your testimony because it just shows how infinite He is. There is always more with God.

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  10. Amen. Wow. This post is simply a romance novel in it’s purest and holiest state of being. Simply Gorgeous…
    I cant help but be confused by a statement you made though…

    “The first 20 days of that fast were really hard work; not physically, but spiritually.”

    Can you explain to me how this is possible? Am I interpreting something incorrectly because if it IS possible, I’d LOVE to glean from it.

    Thank you!

  11. At one time I was trying to join the police force, and as I progressed I came to understand there were 5 specific areas that each candidate needed to pass including a 3 1/2 hour exam. But the order that each one came was different for each. Be encouraged, Our Father is on our side to get us thru any number of steps required. He won’t let go of you now.=)))

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