114. Twelve Strands, Twelve Stones

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott – 

When Adam was created a spirit being, he was clothed with glory. Spirit, soul, body – but his spirit was on the outside and his body on the inside. There was no blood, because he was a being of light.

Adam originally had one triple-helix with three DNA strands that represented body, soul and spirit made in the image of God. He was created with the potential to become a fully mature son of God, embracing the nine strands (3×3) of DNA that represent the fullness of God, added to his three strands to form the twelve that represents the fullness of government.

I will go into this in more detail in the rest of this post, but what is important to grasp is that we have the capacity to change, to be transformed, at a level beyond what most of us have ever imagined.

97% inactive DNA

Sin caused the DNA light strands to be lost (the wavelengths of God that were within us). Now we only have 3% of our DNA which is active. 97% of it is inactive, but encoded.

Russian scientists, working in the human genome project, found that there was language and syntax within the 97% and that it could be changed and re-encoded by frequencies, sounds or even words within a laser light beam. Recent research has confirmed that this area of DNA has triggers or switches that can be turned on and off (for example by the environment, words, or trauma), and that what they turn on are genetic abilities and weaknesses. We can be conformed to the image of God, and again become a transfigured being of light, because our DNA has the capacity to be re-sequenced.

[A new field of scientific study called epigenetics shows that not only can DNA be changed, but that those changes can be passed on to the next generation: scientific study now agreeing with what the Bible said all along about iniquity being passed on to the third and fourth generation.]

Adam’s spirit imploded into his innermost being when he sinned, so his spirit was now on the inside. And God gave him skin. God did not kill an animal and wrap its skin around the man: He gave him skin, three layers of it, to cover his blood, because blood is congealed light (that may sound strange, but if you do a Google search, you will find scientific thinking going that way).

Adam lost his ability to access the spiritual realm, because the DNA of light was lost to him, therefore he became a human being with a double helix of 2 physical DNA strands. When we are born again and our spirit is properly re-engaged with our soul and body, we get our third strand of light DNA back.

So Adam had three DNA strands: two containing physical DNA, and one, light. Light can contain coded information – we are familiar with fibre optic cable being used in modern technology to carry information, data, sound and so on. In the light strand of DNA , there is coded information which may be sound, frequency, fragrance and mathematical formulae relating to our destiny or spiritual identity.

God spoke to me about this back in 2010, but I didn’t share it at all for 12 months because I needed to meditate on it and see if the scriptures had anything to say about it. What I found was that it relates to the nine stones covering Lucifer’s body (Ezekiel 28): those stones represented the nine strands of God’s DNA. In the same chapter we read about Satan being on the fire stones: I have been on those fire stones, and there are nine of them. And there are nine steps to ascension.

Now you may think that all sounds like Buddhism. But where do you think Buddhism got its truth from? Like everyone else, Buddhists can perceive the truth that God reveals. People of many different persuasions have taken that truth, interpreted it and applied it according to their own understanding or purposes, so it comes out twisted and distorted (to a greater or lesser degree). Look at science fiction and fantasy writers around the world, they are picking up a sound that is coming out of heaven. They interpret it through their own soul, to produce books and films and TV series or whatever, but there is truth in it. Christians are not exempt from doing the same thing!

Maturity as sons

Man was not created perfect: he was created sinless. If Adam had not sinned, he would still have needed to be conformed to the image of Jesus and become like Him. So there was a process in which Lucifer, before he rebelled, was given the authority to tutor man into becoming like a Son of God.

We originally had three strands of DNA because we were made in the image of God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God has nine light strands of DNA: three from the Father, three from Jesus, and three from the Spirit. The revelatory knowledge contained in the nine strands of God’s DNA was to bring us into maturity as sons. Lucifer was to tutor man in this, and it was represented by the nine stones that covered his body (as one of the cherubim, he covered the throne of God, and as light-bearer he was to reflect the revelatory light of God into the universe).  Instead, as we know, he took that knowledge and traded on it, and a third of the angels followed him.

Twelve stones


Now look at the High Priest’s breastplate, and there are twelve stones. Nine, the same stones that covered Lucifer’s body, and three extra stones. That was what got him all riled up, because man was to have three extra stones, the stones of sonship. Human DNA has always been a battlefield (Gen 3:15), and we have written before about the seed wars, the conflict between Satan’s seed and the seed of woman. That war has been raging throughout the ages and is being fought today in the arena of GRIN technologies, the current battlefield.

God desires to bring us back into perfect sonship, so He wants to transform our DNA. He wants to transform us to become again sons of light, just as Jesus was transfigured here on earth and shone with glory.

Twelve stones (9 + 3) represents full government, full authority of God and man in unity, joined and one spirit (1 Cor 6:17). God always intended us to become fully mature co-heirs with Him, and jointly to rule the created universe, both spiritual and physical.

That is what it means for us to be the sons of God.

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