135. Aligning Gates

Mike Parsons
and Jeremy Westcott

We have seen that God is on the inside of us, and that we want to allow Him to flood our whole being with glory so that we overflow to transform the world around us.

Yesterday we looked at each of the gateways in our spirit through which He wants to flow. Tomorrow we will look at those in our soul, but today’s post is a little unusual…

One of the things we have found really useful here in Freedom Church is to make a rotating cardboard cutout of the ‘gateways’ diagram shared with us by Ian Clayton. Then we can line up different combinations of gates and ask Jesus to stand with us in them and show us how the river of life should flow through that particular combination.

To make one, you need to print off four copies of the gateways diagram – or click here for one with the cutting circles already drawn on – onto thin card (you can print it on paper and stick it to card if that is simpler). Then cut them out as in the diagram below, so that you have four different sized circles.

Make a small hole in the centre of all four circles. Finally, fasten them together in order, face up, with the smallest on top and the largest on the bottom, using a split-pin type paperclip pushed through from the top. You might want to put some sticky tape over the ends of the splayed pin because they can be quite sharp.

There is an image of the completed spinner in the header image of this post (and below). You will see that the first love, hope, mind, and ear gates are aligned from the centre. Spin each wheel separately to line up any combination of gates as a visual prompt as you work through them.

gates wheel perspective

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