117. The Proof Of Desire

Mike Parsons
and Jeremy Westcott – 

‘Pursuit is the proof of desire’, as our friend Graham Jones says. If we truly want to fulfil our destiny, let us set our heart towards it, set our desire upon it and go after it.

These are some thoughts on pursuing our destiny: I am just going to put them out there for now, without really developing them, but I would encourage you to read them with your spirit, and see what they spark in you…

  • There are two pathways into the heavenly realms: the pathway of relationship and the pathway of responsibility. Both offer opportunities for transformation. At times my focus and attention will be on one, at times on the other, but I will always be following both pathways.
  • I will not get anywhere without first enjoying intimacy with God. That involves seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing both who He is and who I am.
  • We are not all the same, we each have our own song and destiny. I need to learn to resonate and come into agreement, come into harmony, with the whole symphony of heaven. There is a wonderful sound in the heavenly realms and it is beginning to be heard even in this realm: I can resonate with it, come into harmony with it and contribute to it my own unique sound and melody.
  • I will believe, and be in faith. ‘Without faith it is impossible to please God’. I have to trust Him, and go for it.
  • I will engage that desire for my destiny, step into alignment, and submit my life daily to the government of God and the lordship of Jesus.
  • I will purposely live for the unravelling of my scroll. I will not be content until I see it and am living according to it. No settling for second best; nothing half-hearted; totally committed to my destiny.
  • There are things I need to know (by experience, rather than know about). I need to know the testimony that is written in heaven for me. I need to know the blood of Jesus as my overcoming power, I need to know the revelation of my sonship. I need to know the courts in the heavenly realms, the gardens, the treasury room, the wine room, the record room, the mantle room and all the other places in the heavenly realms: places I have been, or other people have been. I need to know.
  • I need to know what is in heaven is in order to manifest it here; I need to know the authority I have there, in order to bring that rule here.

Then I will live in the dual realms of heaven and earth, and manifest heaven on earth through me.


Jonathan David Helser – Intimacy (via YouTube)

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