‘See in the spirit’

In one of his first Google Hangouts, Mike found himself sharing some of the story of his early encounters in the heavenly realms. That section begins from about 7:39 in this YouTube clip…

… or you can download the audio here: My journey to see in the Spirit (audio)
[Please note: some browsers may only play this audio rather than downloading it].

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34 thoughts on “‘See in the spirit’”

  1. Wow, this video is so encouraging! I was always wondering if it was just my imagination when I saw things, especially during worship. About 7 years ago, I attended a new church (I was driven out of a strict Lutheran church when they learned that I was spirit-filled). During worship when I attended for the first time, in my imagination, the room we were is was dark except for a light that was coming down from heaven, and I saw angels walking up and down the aisles, ministering to individual people. During my second visit, during worship, I saw a human heart that was illuminated – I saw purples, reds and other colors. Cruel hands grabbed the heart on the top, and tore the heart nearly in half. The poor heart was hemorrhaging and barely functioning. But then the Holy Spirit poured into the heart like liquid gold water, and the heart began to knit itself back together until it was whole again and functioning. The heart was not hard, but flesh and it was pumping.
    I later learned that this pastor had come to Reno from Texas because the Lord told him to. He lost his marraige, his house and half the church. The church lost its building. The pastor, Terry, had every right to return to Texas. But he stayed. We rented a small prayer room in one of the darkest neighborhoods near downtown Reno where there is a lot of prostitution and homelessness. Our church could only afford to stay in a lousy, drafty warehouse behind the prayer room. We worked hard, cleaned it up, and our pastor lived in one of the rooms. We did such a nice job of fixing up the warehouse, they owner sold it. We moved to another location, same story. This has happened about 5 times – our pastor has a sense of humor because three new churches sprout wherever we are forced out of. He says that every time the enemy tries to quash us, we are like a virus that multiplies. But we never lost the prayer room which is an oasis of peace. Out of our prayer room, a ministry has started that helps women to leave prostitution. Another ministry has started that helps the children who live there. The interesting part is that these ministries are all a coordinated effort of several churches, not our church – we just keep the prayer room going. The Lord gave pastor Terry a wonderful woman who married him and they are surrounded by all their children and grandchildren. They all say that the Lord has used me to be an encourager for them.

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