110. The Heart, the Blood and the Brain

Mike Parsons 
with Jeremy Westcott

heart-29328_640Our destiny was settled in God before we were born. But our soul and body grew around our scroll of destiny and it became lost, unable to be recognised. Our flesh is programmed by what it inherits naturally from our parents, and by its environment.

Today, our heart carries the record of our past. All those experiences and inherited characteristics which have shaped the way we think about ourselves are carried in the heart. If we are allowing that to affect us now, we need to get rid of it, see it healed, forgiven, be restored and transformed.

As a man thinks within his heart, so is he (Prov 23:7).

It is how we think about ourselves that will decide how we live. So when we allow God to purify our heart so that we can start thinking about ourselves the way He thinks about us, it will change the way we live.

The heart programs the blood, and the blood goes to the brain, and programs our thinking.

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Author: Freedom ARC

Freedom Apostolic Resource Centre, Barnstaple, UK.

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