112. Transformation Through Communion

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott

Applying the Body and Blood of Jesus

We saw last time how in taking communion we can be transformed by the very DNA of God. Here are the prayer declarations we use at Freedom Church when sharing the covenant meal:

I engage in the DNA of God.

I embrace the transforming power of the body and blood of Jesus.

I engage the record containing the light, sound and frequency of God’s image.
I embrace the record of the dimensions of the kingdom released in my body by the DNA of God.

I engage that DNA record and apply it to my bones.
I speak to my marrow and command it to live.

I apply the frequency of DNA to transform me into the image of Jesus.
Transform every genetic record, resequence my DNA into alignment.

I apply the blood of Jesus to transform all impure genetic material – be transformed.

I apply the blood of Jesus to all iniquitous genetic patterns – be cleansed.

I call all my genetic material to resonate with the DNA of God and come into alignment with my eternal image.
I choose to bear the image of my Father in heaven;
I choose to bear the image of my Brother in heaven.

Let the breath of God be breathed into my life, transforming me into a living being, joined to the Lord and one spirit with Him.

I speak creative words to my DNA to release the supernatural abilities of God:
I trigger the ability to see in the realm of the kingdom.
I trigger the ability to move in the realm of the kingdom.
I trigger the ability to transform matter.

You can find a downloadable, printable version of this prayer for your own use (or for use in your church) here: Communion Prayer. Please feel free to share it. Best of all, write your own! Just as I did, find your own words to express what God shows you He wants to do in you – and is doing.

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